elastic modulus

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(physics) the ratio of the applied stress to the change in shape of an elastic body

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However, the mechanical properties, particularly the elastic modulus of the coffee stem, can be influenced by several factors, such as plant age, species, weather conditions and crop management techniques (Aristizabal
Thirty alginate samples from each alginate group were prepared and divided into three subgroups (consisting of 10 samples each, n=10) namely A (after working time), B (after setting time) and C (after a constant value of elastic modulus was achieved).
From the shear strength parameters and the reference elastic modulus is possible to establish the stress-stiffness as a function of the confining pressure (equation (2)).
Muscle shear elastic modulus was measured at PRE, POST-EX, POST-REC using an AixPlorer ultrasonic scanner (version 6.
p] is the elastic modulus of the paste mixed with expansive additive, and [E.
It is known that most soft tissues exhibit significant strain hardening and elastic modulus of tissue can no longer be considered constant at large deformation [14].
And then this method is also used in the elastic modulus and other geometrical coefficients detection of other materials, such as alumina ceramics [4].
This technique allows for the qualitative analysis of local nano-mechanical parameters, hardness and elastic modulus in small structures of inhomogeneous samples, which are inaccessible for conventional material testing.
After polymerization, the agent remains dispersed, resulting in a higher elastic modulus in tension and flexure and increased toughness, compared to a non-nucleated sample.
Two AFM techniques, AM-FM and Contact Resonance Viscoelastic Mapping Modes, enable high resolution, quantitative mapping of both the elastic modulus and the viscous response (i.
Nano-indentation was used to determine elastic modulus and hardness of the cell walls adjacent to the bondline, with complementary scanning electron microscopy--energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS) used to measure concentration of the chlorinated glycerin analogs in these same cells.
The graded model is established based on the graded variation of the elastic modulus of the cortical bone and the non-graded model is defined by homogeneous cortical bone.
Then they determined the amino acid composition of the trout skin, its elastic modulus, viscous modulus, and the viscosity of film-forming solutions, as well as tensile properties, water vapor permeability, solubility in water, and the color of the trout-skin based films.