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either of two large African antelopes of the genus Taurotragus having short spirally twisted horns in both sexes

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My experience with Zimbabwe's massive eland began when I was based at Seafield Estates in 1981.
In this case, Iran's perspectives would be gloomy, given US resources and potential, Eland added.
Peeking out, I saw a bull eland standing 25 yards away but immediately realized he was a tan bull and not one of the old guys.
Over 3,700 competitors are expected to descend on Eland for the opening ceremony on June 27.
Community education is all about having fun and learning new skills,' said course organiser Jackie Bray, seen here (second left) with (from left to right), Barbara Rawlins, Ann Cooper, Betty Eland, Gwen Albutt and Winnie Bell.
Ivan Eland, Leon Hadar Also Added to Ron Paul Foreign Policy Team
Hand-written accounts of how troops are feeling in the here and now are going on show at Mima in an exhibition by war artist and former paratrooper Derek Eland, who set up three socalled Diary Rooms in some of the most dangerous zones of Afghanistan.
Ranging throughout Botswana, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the common eland (Taurotragus oryx) is also known as the southern eland.
Most hunters who have been fortunate to try it will agree that eland is the best of the best.
The ordeal was brought to an end by teachers Chris Bielby and Dave Eland who forced the desks from behind the door and ignored the gun brandished in their direction.
It's one of those yarns that's all the more fascinating since the boat went down in some part of the world few of us have probably ever heard of - Finland's Eland archipelago.
Pont eland High School st udent Kyle Borley has his sights set firmly on the London 2012 Olympics.
Eland, a senior fellow at the Institute, argues that occupied Iraq is now so thoroughly polarized that it should be divided into three or more parts with the U.
COLNE Bridge couple Marjorie and Peter Eland have celebrated their golden wedding.
David and I slithered into a grass hut ground blind as numerous eland, warthog, zebra, and wildebeest cautiously approached to feed.