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Synonyms for elan vital

the vital principle or animating force within living beings

Synonyms for elan vital

(biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms

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His idea of spiritual capital seems to parallel that of Henri Bergson's concern with the force and power of the human elan vital.
The old correlation of 'man and world' is dissolved, as all human and inhuman actors are placed on the same footing: atoms and stones are no less inscrutable than elan vital or the death drive.
Finally, this debate will prove useful to open alternative readings of the politics of the self in the novel, such as that on the Bergsonian elan vital and the incorporation of a close morality.
Key words: Kazantzakis, Bergson, vitalism, elan vital
Thus, Kauffman himself sardonically observes that, "Like any other fine French perfume, without which flesh was, well, flesh, elan vital was said to be an insubstantial essence that permeated and animated the inorganic molecules of cells and brought them to life.
But in The Dying Animal, unlike Sabbath's Theater, I miss the confident assertiveness of life, the elan vital that keeps Mickey Sabbath finally from his planned suicide.
The major positions in biology during that period are reviewed, particularly Neo-Vitalism (Bergson and his elan vital as a philosopher; Driesch and his experiments on sea urchins from the zoological point of view) and its position toward parapsychology.
This shift in intellectual values set the stage for the now famous doctrines of elan vital and offensive a outrance.
Wings" may be seen as an evocation of the elan vital of his island.
As she seeks to elicit some universal meaning of the phenomenon of energy as a basis for the becoming of it all, the author goes back to the forces of nature and a discussion of the big bang(s), order or disorder, creative evolution (conceptualized as Bergson's elan vital and Prigogine's dissipative structures), potential "hidden variables" (implicate and explicate orders, consciousness, morphogenic fields), and the earth as Gaia.
In the process he displays many non-canonical gems: 'almost totally neglected plays', whose 'democratic elan vital [.
His subsequent publications included Matiere et memoire: Essai sur la relation du corps a l'esprit (1896; Matter and Memory) and L'Evolution creatrice (1907; Creative Evolution), his most famous book, in which he proposed that the whole evolutionary process should be seen as the endurance of an elan vital ("vital impulse") that is continually developing and generating new forms.
There is a chapter on France, elan vital, and excessive offensive-mindedness.
For all his blather about the life force, S-E-X remains for Shaw a subject as ineffably baffling as the Holy Trinity was for Augustine, and he, for all his wit and elan vital, remains an old maid complacent in his essential virginity.
Bergson's interest in biological evolution led to the formulation of his theory of elan vital, a spirit of energy and life which moves all living things, and to the publication of his famous work L ' evolution cr eatrice (1907; translated as Creative Evolution, 1913).