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Synonyms for elaboration

addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail

the result of improving something

a discussion that provides additional information

marked by elaborately complex detail

developing in intricate and painstaking detail


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By a process of extreme exaggeration and minute elaboration Donne carries the Elizabethan conceits almost to the farthest possible limit, achieving what Samuel Johnson two centuries later described as
Mr Swiveller pulled off his coat, and folded it up with great elaboration, staring at Miss Sally all the time; then put on a blue jacket with a double row of gilt buttons, which he had originally ordered for aquatic expeditions, but had brought with him that morning for office purposes; and, still keeping his eye upon her, suffered himself to drop down silently upon Mr Brass's stool.
With care and elaboration they ornamented that tree's lower branches with sugar-topped biscuits, oranges, bits of banana, and marrons glares till it looked very ape's path to Paradise.
which it was cut; the successive stages of elaboration through which a
If we admire the several ingenious contrivances, by which the flowers of the orchis and of many other plants are fertilised through insect agency, can we consider as equally perfect the elaboration by our fir-trees of dense clouds of pollen, in order that a few granules may be wafted by a chance breeze on to the ovules?
Some further elaborations are desirable, but we can ignore them for the present.
Knowledge elaboration, as an integral part of online discussion, refers to how learners organize, restructure, interconnect, and integrate knowledge (Reigeluth et al.
There is a surge of elaboration demands, according to the director of this Chamber, Goran Jovanovski.
TUNIS (TAP) - An Inner Cabinet Meeting (ICM) looked, Tuesday, under chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid, at preparations for the elaboration of the regional development indicator.
In order to help, she presents the elaboration model for the multivariate analysis of quantitative data.
Citizens who own illegally built objects and fail to submit an elaboration by 18 June 2014 will lose the right to legalization.
Windows MT-5 software system for statistical data elaboration (mass variations assessment, U%, CV%, DR%, spectrogram, imperfection indicator of thin and thick places, neps, hairiness, etc), graph elaboration, data storage,
This was one of the reasons for choosing the method of elaboration of GPS observations in Ksiaz as connected to the reference networks of IGS, EPN and EUPOS, as well as to a choice of some other stations and their networks in Poland and her neighbors.
Based on a literature review on visual language two specific exercises were devised: one concerning the elaboration and meaning attribution of an image and the other the illustration of a concept.
Therefore, in this study the information perspective (van Knippenberg, De Dreu, & Homan, 2004) is adopted to demonstrate that task conflict increases learning behavior through information elaboration, and that task reflexivity, a motivation to systematically process information, moderates the effect of task conflict on information elaboration and learning behavior.