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marked by elaborately complex detail

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The sampling ended when the richness in the material and the degree of elaborateness regarding the phenomenon under study has been explicitly attained.
Tsuyoshi Ishihara has visited and photographed the sites of the two villas in Florence that Clemens rented, and more than anything else Ishihara's descriptions bring into focus the enormity and elaborateness of these scenic residences.
As for Late Night's send-ups of other TV shows, their elaborateness is a far cry from Carson's proudly cheesy skits, and it's not insignificant that they usually work by playing off Fallon's career.
If the property is leased, they'll just need contents coverage--which, depending on the elaborateness of the venue, can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Cossio said.
glasopodavam, 'voice-O-give'; "vote"]; brainwash) and with varying degrees of semantic elaborateness (e.
Again, given the elaborateness of this, there was a place to send flowers, and that was there was no detail of the hoax left undone in that.
To acknowledge the complexity of his dread, the speaker does not need excessive stylistic elaborateness, and in the concluding line of the penultimate stanza, he sums up all attempts to deal with death, including his own, with a rather discrediting, casual remark: "Death is no different whined at than withstood" (Larkin 2003: 191).
Judging by the stunning costumes and the elaborateness of the sets this was not prompted by financial considerations.
This elaborateness is encouraged by the prime emphasis of the utilitarian on the progress of humanity through the co-operation of a multitude of specialists, as well as by the prime emphasis of the sentimentalist on innate gifts and their right to gratification.
Ansar Al-Sharia's plans to attack the YLNG Company using car bombs shows the diminishing scale and elaborateness of their operations due to the major attacks against them in Abyan, Shabwa and AlBayda', according to the Ministry of Interior.
Many jurisdictions feature some multiplicity of authority to prosecute the law, but none match the elaborateness of the U.
In al-Ghazzali's own words in Iljam, "I say that it is unlawful (haram) for preachers on the pulpits to answer questions [from the common folk] that delve into ta'wil and elaborateness [on divine attributes]; rather, the preachers' duty is to confine themselves to what we have mentioned here as well as the salaf, strongly emphasizing Allah's sanctity and negating anthropomorphism (tashbih).
A practice which is, in all its elaborateness and intricacy, more or less restricted to southern Asia, is the temporary embellishment of more permanent images of the gods.
The government's lawyers should be pushed to draw upon these experiences to minimise the elaborateness of the HS2 Bill and the risk of long-running and/or successful challenges to the HS2 consultation.
Some nights in Kandahar and Khost and Helmand I reflect on the elaborateness of retroactivity doctrine to remind myself of just how distant things are there--where some 80 percent of all disputes are referred to village elders rather than courts--from the cherished system I first studied in earnest here in Harvard.