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a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency

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LUCKY ESCAPE: The pilot's ejector seat lies in a field just yards from the crash site.
With an ejector seat, you could just pull the handle and get a bird's-eye view of the carnage.
The car featured retractable rear bullet proof screen, radar scanner, passenger ejector seat and oil slick ejector.
The parachute on the Mark 10B ejector seat did not deploy and the South African-born airman fell 200ft before he later died in hospital.
Flt Lt Sean Cunningham died after being thrown 300ft in to the air when the ejector seat in his Hawk jet initiated during pre-flight checks in 2011.
AN ejector seat manufacturer is to prosecuted over the death of a Red Arrows pilot at RAF Scampton in 2011.
Not only did it look incredible but it had machine guns, tyre slashers, a bullet-proof screen and even an ejector seat.
1942: The pilot of an experimental jet fighter became the first to leave his plane via an emergency ejector seat.
Then watch Lorraine Kelly's revamped show, Jo Frost's parenting programme, The Paul O'Grady Show and new game show Ejector Seat.
Paul O'Grady will return with his chat show, plus parenting expert Jo Frost (above) will be hosting her new project Family Matters helping families at war, while Andi Peters hosts a fast-paced new quiz called Ejector Seat.
However, when he did, magic moments were made - the exhilarating car chase in 'Quantum of Solace', the ejector seat in 'Goldfinger' and the DB5's beauty among the stark Scottish Highlands in 'Skyfall'.
In which case, we may see a few more reaching out for the ejector seat button.
We started testing initial versions of the F-35 ejector seat probably around 2004," Garside says.
The investigation of Knapp began in late December 2009, when a man charged in a previous arms case said he bought an F-14 ejector seat from Knapp.
London, Sep 30 (ANI): A James Bond bike with flame-thrower and ejector seat is set to be unveiled in London.