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a person who ousts or supplants someone else

a mechanism in a firearm that ejects the empty shell case after firing

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Extending the length of the boss formed by the ejector pin will usually solve the problem.
Martin-Baker Aircraft Ltd, who manufactured the ejector seat, has admitted breaching health and safety law at Lincoln Crown Court over the death of Flight Lieutenant Cunningham in November 2011.
Known as the N-frame, the cylinder was locked into the frame by a rod that passed through the ejector system and latched into a recess in the recoil plate, while additional locking was provided by a spring-loaded stud on a lug under the barrel snapping into the tip of the ejector rod.
In this paper, outline of previous generation ECS (Ejector Cycle System) and principle of ejector are explained at first.
Patented Self-Adhesion Control (SAC) recognizes and eliminates vacuum created in suction cups when the ejector is not engaged
Ejecting stopper which prevents ejector from damage due to over push of ejecting handler
In late 1907 S&W did almost everything right with the introduction of their first swing-out cylindered big-bore sixgun, the 1st Model Hand Ejector (also known as the "New Century" and more lovingly known by sixgunners for over a century, as the Triple-Lock.
Before you check the oil level in your vehicle's hydraulic reservoir tank, make sure the ACE is in SPRUNG mode with the engine off, ejector retracted (back), apron down and hydraulic pressure relieved.
By simply pulling the ejector rod forward a tiny bit, the cylinder actually swings out, just like a "real" double-action revolver.
PHIL) to offer its customized products and technology including their proprietary ejector bodies, water tanks, J-Hook systems, sticky material carryback solutions in addition to other articulated hauler customizations.
This has proven to be less of a target, and more of a reality over recent years as their ejector solutions break new ground.
Reef Subseaa[euro](tm)s chief operating officer Tim Sheehan said that the company is pleased to add the Vako ejector technology to its portfolio.
Crosstex also announces that two of its products, Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Masks and Crosstex Comfort Plus[TM] Premium Saliva Ejector have earned recognition from The Dental Advisor as Preferred Products for 2011.
The piCompact10 is a manifold-mounted ejector system based on the company's energy-efficient Micro Coax technology.