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the act of ejecting or the state of being ejected

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According to Rule 70, Section 2 of the Rules of Court, the lessor can only proceed with a summary action for ejectment upon making a sufficient demand from the lessee:
(148) Sterbenz provided for "an election of remedies": (1) an injunction to stop installation, (2) an ejectment, (3) a proceeding for condemnation, or (4) "a common law action for damages." (149) Finding no possibility for an alternative remedy to a list specifying an election of remedies and recognizing that the landowners could point to no Missouri cases allowing unjust enrichment under similar circumstances, the court held that unjust enrichment was not a proper remedy for an unauthorized use of land.
Count II, titled "ejectment," seeks an order requiring Smith & Dew to remove the gate.
Motions To Extend, Reset, or Stay Ejectment. A third class of
He also appealed to the ICT Administration to ban on forced ejectment to new law in Islamabad.
Khalid Choudhry also stated them 48 traders of I-10 Markaz are facing ejectment and now in court and demanded to stop.
Historically, remedies like trespass and ejectment morphed from mechanisms to repel intruders and holdovers into vehicles for determining title to land.
of action--included ejectment (to recover possession of real
So we are not concerned with a vindication claim for the return of one's property (for example, for the ejectment from land or for the delivery up of goods or for an order for the transfer of one's equitable property) where that claim rests upon the claimant's pre-existing proprietary right to that property.
Poe," "who had gained ready admittance for the sake of his imagination, but was threatened with ejectment, as belonging to the obnoxious class of critics" (10:636).
314, 322 (1894) ("At common law a party might by successive fictitious demises bring as many actions of ejectment as he chose, and a bill to quiet title was only permitted for the purpose of preventing the party in possession being annoyed by repeated and vexatious actions.
(1 Wheat.) 91 (1816), in which two plaintiffs sought ejectment as joint heirs in a diversity action, but one plaintiff was incapable of suing in diversity because he was a citizen of a U.S.
In 2014, the Chens filed suit against the Coakers, Sundance, and Mike's Roofing in King County Superior Court alleging causes of action for trespass and negligence and seeking damages, ejectment, and specific performance of the boundary agreement.
The remedies for pre-declaration infringements include "injunctive relief, damages, or an order that consultation or accommodation be carried out" but do not include "the usual remedies that lie for breach of interests in land"--meaning, of course, ejectment for trespass.
Puopolo concentrates her practice in commercial litigation and, more specifically, handles real estate litigation, including title insurance claims, creditors' rights in bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings, and residential and commercial eviction and ejectment proceedings.