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Synonyms for eject

throw out

bail out

Synonyms for eject

to send forth (confined matter) violently

to catapult oneself from a disabled aircraft


Synonyms for eject

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The research also indicate that as elevation increases, so does the likelihood of languages with ejectives.
The results show a strong correlation between high altitude and the presence of ejectives in languages on, or near, five of the six major high altitude regions on earth where people live.
According to the results, the only region with high elevation where languages with ejectives are absent is the large Tibetan plateau and the adjacent areas.
Stops, ejectives and affricates which do not begin or end a large prosodic unit were measured together in this study.
Final ejectives are pronounced as ejectives in some dialects (Kari 1990; Tuttle 2005b); in others, the glottal component of the consonant occurs as laryngealization on the preceding vowel (Tuttle 2005b).
Tolowa (Athabaskan, Northern Amerindian) has a contrast between plain and ejective stops in all oral noncontinuants; this contrast does not exist in the labials, however.
x [CHI] Nootka MOD constraints: VOICELESSSTOP/EJECTIVE Voiceless stops are ejective DORSALS/LABIALIZATION Dorsals are labialized
For example, Khan establishes that the emphatics were velarized or uvularized rather than ejectives, that q was a uvular, that schwa was usually [a], and that r had two allophones, uvular [R]/[[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] and linguo-alveolar [r].