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  • verb

Synonyms for eject

throw out

bail out

Synonyms for eject

to send forth (confined matter) violently

to catapult oneself from a disabled aircraft


Synonyms for eject

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Nashik, Maharashtra: A Sukhoi SU-31 fighter jet crashed near Nashik while on a sortie but both pilots on board ejected safely, official sources said.
Researchers also believe the interstellar asteroid may have been ejected when planets began forming in the system.
It has integrated standard 16 pin microSATA socket that provides robustness and reliability for standard 1.8" microSATA drives to be inserted and ejected for up to thousands of times.
According to Reuters, the investment bank said that it could eject Nigeria from its key bond index by next year and said that the move may be avoided if the nation restores liquidity to currency markets so that foreign investors tracking the benchmark are able to transact with minimal hurdles.
It's certainly a fact many instances of injured hands (and remember, if your hand is severely injured, you've lost the use of your arm) have resulted from people cupping the ejection port as they eject the chambered round.
"Radio communication was cut around 2:15 pm (1115 GMT) with the F-16 fighter plane on mission in the Amanos mountains," shortly after the pilot signalled he was about to eject from the aircraft, read the statement.
Featuring safety, stability and increased productivity as hallmarks of its design, Philippi-Hagenbuch's patented line of Rear Eject Bodies offer the ideal solution for challenging hauling applications from general construction, road construction and sand/gravel to mine reclamation and underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies.
By NATASHA REID THE man who killed Shane Geoghegan had to eject two jammed bullets from a pistol when he shot him, a court heard yesterday.
The mass separator stores ions in a purely electrostatic ion trap and uses a technique called autoresonance to eject ions from the trap.
For the second time in four months a Canadian pilot was forced to eject from a doomed CF-18 Hornet.
Another problem was not detected due to non-extraction--it does not eject! Is the brass ejected by the firing pin or is there a "willow-the-wisp" I have failed to detect?
That spells trouble when you try to eject it from the cylinder.
pilots were yesterday injured when they were forced to eject from their military jet when the aircraft burst into flames during a training exercise at the British Bases.
They figure the faster the stub bases eject, the faster they can reload and fire again.