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a man who ejaculates semen

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a speaker who utters a sudden exclamation

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S1, the master signifier: can be anything from the master, the father, the leader, the female ejaculator, from proper names to key ideological signifiers like freedom, democracy, Canada, the environment, we, and others.
Makkie wants to be a sexual predator, but romance sees him drop his tough-guy facade to reveal a total lamb (and a comical premature ejaculator, to boot).
Of course, I'd like to not be "the premature ejaculator" or something like that.
They've got a great 7" out as well, about an essentially universal phenomenon called "I was a Teenage Premature Ejaculator." Weren't we all ...
With a smile he said: 'When I was first experiencing sex as a teenager, I was what you call a premature ejaculator, and once a premature ejaculator, always a premature ejaculator.
Some cognitive restructuring of the premature ejaculator's beliefs about sex and sexuality could also be employed to address any cognitive interference that he may experience with regard to intercourse (McCarthy, 1989).