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a man who ejaculates semen

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a speaker who utters a sudden exclamation

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As a veteran ejaculator, following stimulation on my urethra and urethral sponge I can ejaculate by just pushing out.
Semen quality can be assessed after collection with an artificial vagina (requires ewe in season) or by the use of an Electro Ejaculator (this generally gives a poorer sample).
Makkie wants to be a sexual predator, but romance sees him drop his tough-guy facade to reveal a total lamb (and a comical premature ejaculator, to boot).
They've got a great 7" out as well, about an essentially universal phenomenon called "I was a Teenage Premature Ejaculator.
With a smile he said: 'When I was first experiencing sex as a teenager, I was what you call a premature ejaculator, and once a premature ejaculator, always a premature ejaculator.
Already, though, there is a worry that Powell, like some overeager ejaculator, may have "peaked too soon.