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any of several annual Welsh festivals involving artistic competitions (especially in singing)

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A POET was celebrating at the weekend after winning his first ever Eisteddfodic crown.
Since moving back to North Wales he's won 15 Eisteddfodic chairs and one crown.
As for we Welsh being a musical nation, or indeed the Land of Song, sorry to strike a bum note, but that legacy is directly linked to our religious and eisteddfodic heritage, and is now a highly specialised area not shared by the population as a four-part harmonic whole.
In addition to his Eisteddfodic duties Mr Whittall was also a member of the BBC's audience panel and the publishing grants committee of the Welsh Book Council.
Mr Williams, an adviser to John Redwood during his time in the Welsh Office, suggests English culture is "pioneering and postmodern" while Welsh-language culture is stuck in the Eisteddfodic past.
Our eisteddfodic tradition may have something to answer for!
Take their decision to bring shame and disgrace to their eisteddfodic shindig next year.
"Modern Wales combines a deep respect for its ancient language, literature, eisteddfodic traditions and heritage, with strong pride in its early industrialisation and absorption of globalised trade and cultures." From 'confounding the doom-mongers' to a 'devastating result': Peter Hain's admission that May's election result was "devastating" for Labour may come as a surprise to those who caught the reaction of party leaders immediately after the polls.
But the Welsh singer with Irish roots is quick to point out it was the amateur eisteddfodic tradition in Wales that laid down the foundations for her rise to the top.
It earned its place in Eisteddfodic annals in 1819, when it was the venue for the first formal link between the Gorsedd and the Eisteddfod.
Didn't even youth movement Urdd Gobaith Cymru invite him to their eisteddfodic shindig that year?
He is fast establishing himself as one of Wales' finest modern talents, turning his hand this way and that - from Eisteddfodic poetry to competitive songwriting.
Publisher Cwmni Cyhoeddi Gwynn says it is delighted with the latest book and described the authors' contribution to Eisteddfodic and cultural circles as immeasurable.
The London festival of 1909 was merely the tip of the eisteddfodic iceberg.
"But I wasn't very good myself," she admits, "not as a soloist, anyway, because I didn't have an eisteddfodic voice.