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Synonyms for eighty

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and eight

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being ten more than seventy

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Eighty-year-old 'supergran'' model Carmen Dell'Orifice is much in demand for catwalk and fashion magazine covers but she''s a spring chicken compared to Iris Apfel who at the age of 90, is a revered New York fashionista collaborating with MAC.
The court ordered the action on a complaint filed by an eighty-year-old woman Ganga who hails from Bhail community.
Eighty-year-old Joan Harper, of Stoke-on-Trent, also died in the fire, as her twin sister Marjorie Brys was one of more than 90 people who escaped the four-storey hotel.
Eighty-year-old Jacobs snapped his first picture in high school, when he took a photography class.
The eighty-year-old Senator, who has visited Syria eighteen times during his period in office, will be retiring at the end of this Congressional term, due to his defeat in Democratic primaries this past spring.
The eighty-year-old co-operative bank was on its way to implementing a Core Banking solution and signed up with IBM to manage its IT infrastructure requirements remotely from IBM's Global Management Center in Bangalore.
50pm Eighty-year-old former concert pianist Pauline is marooned in an ocean of clutter within her fivebedroom South London house, as the observational documentary series continues to seek out the people and places that offer a glimpse of today's Britain usually hidden from view.
Eighty-year-old Shakib Salim Eid had the misfortune of driving by as the gun battle erupted, and was fatally wounded in the exchange of fire.
For her, the past five years of therapy have largely involved the challenges of taking care of her eighty-year-old mother, who has Alzheimer disease.
Distracted as she speeds away from her house, eighty-year-old Georgina Witley loses control of her car and plunges into a ravine.
Eighty-year-old North Texan James Pickett opened his door on February 9 to two young men.
A well-designed community should be as comfortable for an eight-year-old as an eighty-year-old.
STANDING ovations are normally reserved for the end of a show, but eighty-year-old crooner Tony Bennett is the kind of entertainer who gets one at the start too.
An eighty-year-old woman is not about to pee in a cup," said library director Bonnie Tollefson.
Eighty-year-old Dennis Cramp was still a teenager when he fought at Arnhem.