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being three more than eighty


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Eighty-three percent said they saved money from every paycheck, compared with 78% of the general population.
Eighty-three percent of the 416 workers represented by United Auto Workers Local 9 voted in favor of the proposal.
Eighty-three capsules of heroin, weighing 835gm, were extracted from his guts.
Eighty-three percent of boomer women consider themselves gardeners and expect gardening to remain important to them.
Eighty-three continued treatment and the remaining 82 had it withdrawn.
Eighty-three percent of Americans believe the economy is getting worse.
She presents her eighty-three years of success, frustration, greatness, hardship, discovery, and family bonds in plain terms prose, taking the reader on an amazing tour through most of the twentieth century.
Eighty-three percent of near-retirees believe it is "very important" to generate such income but barely 20% say they are well informed on how to do so.
Irina Baronova, one of the baby ballerinas, now eighty-six, was happily writing her memoirs; Tatiana Riabouchinska, also a baby ballerina, taught at a dance studio in LA at age eighty-three.
Eighty-three per cent of those who called our voteline said Paula, 30, should put her marathon disappointment behind her and brave the race tomorrow.
Eighty-three percent of mothers received prenatal care in the first trimester in 2001, up from 76% in 1990.
They remained unnamed, but the congregation was given ailment hints: "One is eighty-three years old, one has cancer, one has a heart condition.
Eighty-three deaths have been reported, but experts suggest that the unreported deaths caused by unexploded cluster bombs are much higher.
Eighty-three percent call the right to practice the religion of your choice an "essential" right.