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being six more than eighty


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The United Nations Global Service Center / United Nations Logistics Base (UNGSC/UNLB) requires warranty extension services for eighty-six (86) blade servers type HP BL620c G7 which are located at the United Nations Support Base (UNSB-V) in Valencia, Spain.
Berlin : Eighty-six camels perished as a ferocious fire swept through their farm in southern Germany earlier on Thursday, causing nearly one million euros ($1.
I have the Spring 1999 issue before me now, and it was a slender production containing some twenty brief articles within a space of eighty-six pages.
Words in My Hands: A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey is the award-winning inspirational tale of an eighty-six year old deaf-blind pianist, who lost his senses since age forty-five, and his renewal in life through the hand-over-hand sign, as told by his sign language teacher Diane Chambers.
Eighty-six years ago, an influenza A H1N1 virus swept the globe and killed an estimated 20-40 million people.
Eighty-six percent of the pollees said they plan to vote in next year's presidential election.
The eighty-six items on view, covering half a century of work, should serve both to chart Twombly's development as an artist and to isolate the specific nature of his draftsmanship, in which paper itself, as Roland Barthes once said, becomes the object of desire.
Eighty-six percent of schools use an outside provider for two or more services, versus 82 percent in 2000.
The bibliography runs to eighty-six pages and the indexes to one hundred sixty pages
Eighty-six percent of first class mail is delivered to the CF postcode the next day, compared to 90 per cent na ona y.
Eighty-six percent of respondents indicated that political risk posed a "moderate" or greater threat to their companies.
It is good to have this collection back in print after eighty-six years in a readable, inexpensive edition with an informative introduction and a good, slightly expanded index.
Eighty-six percent of stock market gains between 1989 and 1997 flowed to the top 10 percent of U.
CCD, founder of Gnaw Bone Camp in Nashville, Indiana, died in December at the age of eighty-six.
Last year's festival, the first under the sole artistic direction of Melillo, saw an average attendance rate of eighty-six percent capacity, with three productions drawing sellout crowds.