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being seven more than eighty


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Beneath it, in the ground, there lies the main body of the temple consisting in six hundred and eighty-seven circular chambers, one below another.
Add thirty-seven an' a half cents interest on furniture, an' that makes two dollars an' eighty-seven an' a half cents.
Why, we have only come nineteen miles, and have eighty-seven and a half to go.
NDMA has so far provided fifty-seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-four tents, over one hundred and twenty-six hundred thousand food packs, seventeen thousand one hundred and eighty-seven blankets, thirty-one thousand two hundred and fifty mosquito-nets and sixty-three de-watering pumps.
According to details total three hundred and fifty-four CNG station including eighty-seven of Islamabad and two hundred and sixty-seven of Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal and Attock would be affected with the decision regarding of two days closure of CNG stations.
Eighty-seven per cent believe that political parties hype up their promises to secure votes, and 47% say politicians want an education system which does not suit children's needs.
Eighty-seven were in favour of an abattoir, 62 were opposed, four were neutral and 10 were undecided.
Eighty-seven percent of the volunteers tested were found to have insufficient amounts of what's called "25-hydroxy-vitamin D" in their plasma.
Eighty-seven percent of parents are counting on their children to receive scholarship or grant money and more than two-thirds believe colleges will offer reasonably affordable financial aid.
Eighty-seven years later, Yankee Stadium is still called the "The House That Ruth Built.
Eighty-seven percent of union workers voted to approve the strike, according to Thea Lavin, a spokeswoman for the Service Employees International Union Health Care Workers-West.
Eighty-seven customers cut deals based on the wrong prices.
Nathalie Krassovska was teaching ballet in Dallas and, at eighty-seven, seemed to thoroughly enjoy it; Zoritch, still remarkably handsome at eighty-four, made daily pilgrimages to the gym.
Johnson, founder of the company that publishes Ebony and Jet magazines, passed away on August 8 at age eighty-seven.
In 2000, there were twenty-one organized state Green parties--ten with a ballot line--and we had elected eighty-seven Greens to office.