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being nine more than eighty


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which was organized in 1968, is a public equity REIT that owns and operates eighty-nine manufactured home communities containing approximately 15,200 developed homesites.
Eighty-nine per cent know how much money they have in their pockets without looking.
Eighty-nine percent of the people had mercury levels exceeding the five parts per billion recognized as safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Academy of Sciences.
Eighty-nine percent of growers planted all of their Bt cornfields within the required one-half mile of a non-Bt refuge.
Eighty-nine per cent of UK employees have no idea what symptoms to look out for if they suspect a colleague has become exposed to a biological or chemical agent, the survey said.
Eighty-nine people living on the Daimler Green estate - on the site formerly occupied by the Jaguar works, have signed a petition calling for an assurance that no new bus route will run through the pounds 16.
The autobiographical and literary writings include the eighty-nine poems and madrigal cycles of the Scelta di poesie filosofiche (published in 1622, but mostly written before 1609), sixteen of the more than one hundred-sixty surviving letters, and the Syntagma de libris propriis et recta ratione studendi (Latin, with Italian translation).
Major electronic funds transfer networks, credit card associations, ACH operators, electronic benefits transfer contractors, and private label credit card issuers, eighty-nine in all, shared data on their 2000 volume and value of electronic payment transactions.
He's eighty-nine and had to have a procedure to correct some personal plumbing.
Eighty-nine would be heterosexual, eleven homosexual.
Eighty-nine percent of the state rehabilitation agencies responded.
2589880 (two million five hundred eighty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty) USD.
Eighty-nine percent said having a summer break helps families coordinate activities, and 87 percent said all schools should be on the same calendar.
From 1950 to 1988 the world fish catch climbed from nineteen million tons to eighty-nine million; in 2001, the estimated catch was ninety-two million tons.