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being five more than eighty


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Hence we may safely conclude, that within the Indo-human period there has been an elevation, as before alluded to, of more than eighty-five feet; for some little elevation must have been lost by the coast having subsided since the old maps were engraved.
The antiquity of the Indo-human race here, judging by the eighty-five feet rise of the land since the relics were embedded, is the more remarkable, as on the coast of Patagonia, when the land stood about the same number of feet lower, the Macrauchenia was a living beast; but as the Patagonian coast is some way distant from the Cordillera, the rising there may have been slower than here.
Martin added his debts and found that he was possessed of a total credit in all the world of fourteen dollars and eighty-five cents.
Not one of us had cause for complaint, nor one of the eighty-five deck passengers either.
He must be eighty-five to-day, but he does not look a bit older than when I first came here.
Eighty-five state properties, namely, 22 joint-stock companies, 48 small state-owned enterprises, 11 non-residential areas and four vehicles, will be put up for privatization.
He said eighty-five thousand families of Islamabad are benefiting from Health Card.
Director General Rescue 1122 Dr Sher Aziz told Radio Pakistan that eighty-five officials had been recruited for this purpose who were getting training in Lahore.
EIGHTY-FIVE traffic accidents were reported in 24 hours as motorists came unstuck during heavy rains in Bahrain.
Summary: Eighty-five prisoners have escaped from a jail near the US border.
Eighty-five personnel representing Ogden Air Logistics, NAVSEA Keyport and Picatinny Arsenal also have attended metalcasting training in recent months.
Katherine said: "Eighty-five years after the first Poppy Day, our brave servicemen and women are still putting their lives on the line for us and they need to know that if they fall on hard times, the Legion will be there for them and their families.'
Roberta Benvin's More Antique Quilting Designs (157432909X, $21.95) offers full-page patterns which can reproduce an antique quilt or enhance a modern one: some six historical quilts and eighty-five quilting patterns and sampler designs from yesteryear are presented with an emphasis on the full-page patterns.
EIGHTY-FIVE jobs are to go at Kirkby's Kodak plant.
* Eighty-five percent of companies reported that they have retained a compensation consultant in the last year, and 53 percent of CEOs reported that their nominating/governance committees have retained a search firm in the last year.