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the ordinal number of eighty-five in counting order


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Composer and music researcher Alo Poldmae turned seventy, and at the end of the summer, the eighty-fifth birthday of Estonian folk song proponent, Veljo Tormis was celebrated, and shortly thereafter, Arvo Part's eightieth birthday.
His eighty-fifth birthday (unfortunately he did not live to see it) was commemorated by the Berlin Philharmonic with a special programme.
This collection is in many ways a Festschrift for the late Jewish philosopher Emil Fackenheim; most of the contributions, including the two from Fackenheim himself, originated at the 2001 Jerusalem conference held in honor of his eighty-fifth birthday.
2, Fall 1999 reported on the eighty-fifth UELAC Conference "Loyalist Heritage from East to West," held in Edmonton, Alberta, attended by "almost 100 delegates.
This talk was given on August 2, 2009, on the occasion of the eighty-fifth birthday of the great African-American writer James Baldwin.
This eighty-fifth volume in Brill's Handbook of Oriental Studies Series attempts to fulfill the long-standing need for an Arabic-English dictionary of Qur'anic usage.
On August 14th she celebrated her eighty-fifth birthday.
THE BROOKINGS PANEL ON ECONOMIC ACTIVITY held its eighty-fifth conference in Washington, D.
In cooperation with the National Women's History Project, the volume was published on the eighty-fifth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment.
In recognition of his long commitment to the magazine, and also his eighty-fifth birthday which he celebrated in early May, we held a lunch in his honour with the rest of our Editorial Advisory Board.
Kader Asmal, David Chidester and Wilmot James have edited an eighty-fifth birthday tribute to South Africa's first post-apartheid president in Nelson Mandela in His Own Words: From Freedom to the Future.
Because the plastic is not completely melted, calculations show that only about one eighty-fifth of the energy released when the plastic nuggets burn is used to create the nugget," he says.
As has been pointed out by Andrzej Zaborski with whom I am in firm agreement: "Many of Ehret's comparisons are unacceptable since his semantic method is quite uncritical in many cases" ("Biconsonantal Roots and Triconsonantal Root Variation in Semitic: Solutions and Prospects," in Semitic Studies in Honor of Wolf Leslau on the Occasion of his Eighty-Fifth Birthday, ed.
Among Indiana's ninety-two counties, they are ranked eighty-fifth and ninetieth in total migration, respectively.
In 1988, in honor of his eighty-fifth birthday, Barbara Smoker compiled Blackham's Best, a book of his quotations and writings.