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being eight more than eighty


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Eighty-Eight Years tracks and compares the abolition movement in the United States to developments in other parts of the New World to understand better why the demise of slavery took longer and was more difficult in the United States than elsewhere.
John's Gym 46; All In 89 Showtime 42; The Old Timer 68 Cogswell Sprinkler 37; Dragon Eighty-eight 86 Crystal Club 41; Spruce Street Tavern 81 St.
Eighty-eight apprentices were inducted into BAE Systems.
One online poll asked, "Do you believe Pat Robertson can correctly leg bench press 2,000 pounds?" Eighty-eight percent said no, with only 12 percent saying yes.
Eighty-Eight Oil LLC recently reported an employee retirement and a promotion.
Eighty-eight per cent of women and 80 per cent of men think females now take the initiative.
EIGHTY-EIGHT people die every day because the UK is failing to meet basic European health care standards, according to a report.
From their current combined size of 104 members, the new company will be trimmed to eighty-eight members and a support staff of approximately twenty, under the direction of ballet superstar and current Staatsoper artistic director Vladimir Malakhov.
Piano Logic is a new video developed by pianist Patty Carlson that enables anyone to play the piano--without reading music--by reducing the instrument's eighty-eight keys and infinite melodies to a series of visual patterns based on the numbers one through seven.
Eighty-eight percent of Bt corn growers said they were aware of IRM requirements, which is eight percentage points higher than in 2001.
Eighty-eight per cent of the 255 casualties died in properties where no smoke alarm was fitted and 69 cases were found to be alcohol-related.
Eighty-eight years after it was written and 31 years after it was published, Maurice remains fresh, thrilling--and sadly unique.
These paints, now available in eighty-eight colors, stay wet indefinitely until heated.
In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands, this twenty seventh day of February in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, Alpheus Hyatt, Samuel Mills, William T.