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Synonyms for eighty

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and eight

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being ten more than seventy

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286840 ( Two Lacs Eighty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Only )
Looking over my shoulder, Pooh says: 'Eighty is a good number really but it could just as well be eighty weeks or days or minutes as years,' and I say: 'Let's call it eighty seconds, and then it'll be as though no time has passed at all.
David Morice in WW 96-179 introduced acrostic equations with the only possible perfect example, TEN = Twenty + Eighty - Ninety.
Eighty percent of executives reported that their company abstracted lease attributes into a lease administration database.
Eighty percent (80%) rated the product as effective in helping them sleep throughout the night.
The PX-400R includes a built-in library of eighty favorite tunes, from piano classics to jazz, to better help users learn to play, as well as 120 rhythms.
The eighty Newfoundland claims for compensation submitted so far total about $80 million.
Eighty percent of participating companies acknowledged some type of financial loss due to computer breaches.
Eighty percent of well owners believe their water is safe.
Meanwhile, eighty nations report incomes lower than a decade ago.
Given the fact that, by Barstow's count, eighty percent of those accused and eighty-five percent of those killed were women, surprisingly little attention has been paid to gender in analyses of witchcraft prosecutions.
Bella Lewitzky, who next year turns eighty and celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Lewitzky Dance Company, has decided to disband the troupe she founded and directed.
00 ( Eighty Five Lacs Seventy Four Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Two Only )
More than eighty individuals and companies expressed serious interest in the parcel and over thirty buyers submitted offers.
Organized by the eighty-four-year-old artist himself in collaboration with Nikolaj director Elisabeth Delin Hansen, the exhibition comprises approximately eighty works spanning six decades.