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a coin worth eight pennies

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Francis, my third (nine), one and sixpence halfpenny; Felix, my fourth (seven), eightpence to the Superannuated Widows; Alfred, my youngest (five), has voluntarily enrolled himself in the Infant Bonds of Joy, and is pledged never, through life, to use tobacco in any form."
Evidence was given to the effect that a charge of eightpence a pound had been made for sprats, when the price should have been sixpence.
Betty recalls her mother buying a joint of rib beef from Crows' butchers on Cannon Street for just eightpence.
The same goes for the chemist's, the haberdashery, the sweet shop, tearooms and the bank where you can exchange your money for coin tokens and lash out on tuppence-ha'penny worth of pear drops or a pint of mild for eightpence three farthings.
(26) One of Kelly's targets, Thomas Squier, may well have been the same person as the 'Squire' who in November 1613 received eighteen pence for playing 'on the cornett upon the kinges day' and then a further six shillings and eightpence 'by mr Mayors appoyntment to gett him out of the Cittye'.
Kelly (April; comic song starring Dan Leno Jr.); Good Queen Bess (April; comic song starring George Robey); And Very Nice Too (April; comic song starring George Robey); Persian Dance: Eightpence a Mile (April; starring Phyllis Monkman); Trio: Everybody's Doing It by Irving Berlin (May); Fantasie." Dresden China (October; dance starring Evelyn Baker); A Sister to Assist 'Er (December; comic song starring George Graves); Recitation by James Welch (December; comedian recites, starring James Welch); Sailor's Song (December); Artful Athletics (December; impossible athletics, starring Walter R.
Re-adopt the Groat - the Scottish coin originally worth fourpence, later worth eightpence and one shilling as inflation increased.
Binatone's TV Master game, which cost six shillings and eightpence, turned out to be more fun than the company's Classic E-Book (suggested retail price: pounds 149.99).
They have their passage paid for them, and as a return, are only required to serve for the first twelvemonth certain, when they receive a lot of ground for cultivation, and two bits, or eightpence cash a day for the whole time, with provisions served out to them, without cost, for the first six months, or until the ground allotted to them is capable of producing.
'You know when I was about your age,' I said, addressing the young man, 'you could get a pint of beer for one shilling and ninepence, that's about eightpence in today's money, they predicted that there would be settlements on the moon and we would all be living on vitamin capsules...' But nobody was listening
The day that I watched her, in the course of about an hour's demonstration, she made flaky pastry; contrived a beautiful mould of aspic around the scraps of a chicken and some leftover vegetables; made ice-cream (the most delectable I ever did taste, and enough for eight people only cost eightpence, though it was made of fresh cream); cut a tomato to the shape of a water lily, set it on a lake of lettuce, with a dew drop grape at its heart, and called it a breakfast dish; and made a novel salad of pineapple, ginger, cheese and lettuce.
In June 1860, the poet, Robert Browning, bought for one lira (value then in English money, eightpence) from a market stall in Florence, an old yellow book which told the story of the trial of Count Guido Franceschini for the murder, in 1698, of his beautiful young wife, Pompilia, who he claimed to have been guilty of adultery.