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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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This time, I changed the quarter note from beat four in bar one to a sixteenth note tied to an eighth note and a sixteenth note.
* Berczy Portraits, by Howard Cable (Grade 3) Eighth Note Publications
At the overlap point, there is a triplet of eighth notes, a quarter note and a continuous note with two eighth notes.
The section contains changes in dynamics and material type to include isolated staccato chords, motion by eighth note, dotted eighth note, or sixteenth note, and lengthy rests.
In this instance, the rhythm in the lower voice of row 3 in rhythm matrix 8 is simplified somewhat by changing the dotted sixteenth note tied to a double-dotted eighth note to a dotted eighth note, and quadrupling the value of the following thirty-second note into a resulting eighth note.
9, Glassock lengthens the predominant note value from an eighth note in the A section to a dotted quarter note on the first "long." He continues the text painting in m.
The tied notes in the violin and viola parts surround the midpoint of the excerpt which occurs after the fifth eighth note in measure 2.
The soft flowing eighth note lines serve several poetic functions: the dreaming-from-the-grave nature of the poem, the movement of the remembered flowers and their waves of aroma, the lightly dissonant hallucinatory effect of the fever that "burned my life away," and "The May flow'rs on Coles Hill [that] sway/ Without a trace of mirth." It seems even the flowers in Plymouth Colony were not allowed any outward expression of happiness.
Book 3--Sixteen Notes and Other Things (28 pages) introduces the student to eighth note pulse and syncopation.
The second movement is a March with several tricky alternating patterns (sometimes at the eighth note, others at the sixteenth) as well as some equally challenging simultaneous rhythms (e.g., five against four).
Rhythms in this volume include nothing faster than an eighth note nor more complex than a few easy syncopations and dotted quarter followed by an eighth.
Many tied eighth notes followed by tricky eighth rests, triplets and eighths in the same measure and dotted rhythms paired with sixteenths are in the mix.
For example, the fourth movement "Time for Five" is a fun jaunt in 5/4 with a swing style, followed later by "Moto Perpetuo" featuring persistent eighth notes throughout in a 3/2 meter.
In the first piece, Bretan fed Shimon a melody comprised of eighth notes. It received a sixteenth note melody the second time, which influenced it to generate faster note sequences.
The ever-present tonic stress on the first syllables, and the length given to those syllables, ultimately determine the phrasing of the piano's eighth notes. Weak beats in this section should also be addressed in conjunction with the strong ones, ultimately forming a beat hierarchy built upon strong and weak syllables.