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Synonyms for eighth

position eight in a countable series of things

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one part in eight equal parts

coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position


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DuPage -- eighth grade, 7%; 10th grade, 24%; 12th grade, 35%
And the incredible double came only a month after he carded his first hole in one - also at the eighth.
GNC, the leading specialty retailer of nutritional products, is relocating from its current location at 265 Eighth Avenue.
Then, later in the week, the right-hand turn lane onto Eighth Avenue from the southbound Ferry Street Bridge viaduct will be closed as crews begin to widen the viaduct by adding a lane on its western side between Seventh and Eighth avenues, said Joe Ramirez, the city's project manager for the work.
"Students using the system achieved at a level three times greater than students who did not." On the 2005-06 math tests, 51 percent of seventh grade students passed, 54 percent of eighth grade, and 61 percent of tenth grade.
Landwermeyer Jr., director, Korea Region Office, Installation Management Agency, Korea, to assistant division commander, 2nd Infantry Division, Eighth Army, Korea.
Such law does not change...." The majority's reliance on dubious opinion surveys--in contravention of the clear language of the Eighth Amendment and laws enacted by popularly elected state legislatures--means that the words in the Eighth Amendment no longer have any meaning beyond the backdrop of a contrived "consensus" asserted by a majority of justices.
A death row prisoner brought a suit on behalf of himself and other prisoners confined to death row, alleging that certain conditions of confinement on death row violated the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.
Personal and perceived peer norms that encourage adolescents to refrain from sex are associated with reduced odds of sexual initiation among seventh and eighth graders (odds ratios, 0.8 and 0.7, respectively).
A total of 9,072 eighth grade students in the USA were compared with students from eight other countries.
economic and financial power is shown by the new draft of the Eighth Company Law Directive.
Timetable of events for the eighth Northumbrian Water University Boat Race tomorrow (Sunday 16th)
Students were assessed once yearly in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.
In Griffn, 8th Cir., 1/14/03, vact'g and remd'g TC Memo 2002-6, the Eighth Circuit ruled that the taxpayer introduced credible evidence sufficient to shift the burden of proof to the Service under Sec.