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Synonyms for eighteenth

position 18 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the seventeenth in position


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Time rolled on from the first to the last years of the eighteenth Christian century.
In Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, we see the reaction against the exuberance and irregularity of that prose, no longer justified by power, but cognizable rather as bad taste.
The tragic circumstance which strengthened and consecrated their natural community of interest had, one might think, something to do with the far-reaching pensiveness even of their most humorous writing, touching often the deepest springs of pity and awe, as the way of the highest humour is--a way, however, very different from that of the humorists of the eighteenth century.
And on the eighteenth, when that dividend was declared, he chuckled at the confusion that would inevitably descend upon the men with the sharpened shears waiting to trim him--him, Burning Daylight.
If, in place of the characteristic monuments which we have just described, we examine the general aspect of art from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, we notice the same phenomena of decay and phthisis.
In the eighteenth, having reposed for a long time at the Court of Louis XIV., it seizes again the old sword of Luther, puts it into the hand of Voltaire, and rushes impetuously to the attack of that ancient Europe, whose architectural expression it has already killed.
** There is no more horrible page in history than the treatment of the child and women slaves in the English factories in the latter half of the eighteenth century of the Christian Era.
"The history of the eighteenth century is written," Ernest prompted.
"Then the Church is dumb to-day, as it was in the eighteenth century?"
The amiable Sophia was now in her eighteenth year, when she is introduced into this history.
When at last they reached the eighteenth green, he hold a wonderful curly putt for the hole and the match.
At the close of the eighteenth century Herschel, armed with a powerful telescope, considerably reduced the preceding measurements.
The novel rose less because of its intrinsic properties--inferiority, realism, length, etc.--than because of its position in networks of adaptation: by the end of the eighteenth century, the novel became the primary source for many other genres, as Walter Scott swept through the opera houses of Europe; Laurence Sterne's "beauties," neatly anthologized, burdened the shelves; and Jane Austen flickered in packed cinema-halls or elicited sobs in tissue-strewn living rooms.
Indeed, despite being an academic anthology, this study would fascinate anyone with even a passing interest in either the eighteenth century or the perennial issues of life and death that it explores.
By the eighteenth century, Shakespeare was popular not only on stage, but in print, music and the visual arts.