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The top of the monument is also in the shape of eight-sided prism.
The 'eight-sided wonder' is a 50-storey mixed-use development located within the prestigious City of Arabia, the spectacular $5 billion retail, residential, commercial and entertainment destination lying at the gateway to Dubailand.
They are available in various shapes and sizes, including two-, three-, four-, six-, and eight-sided versions.
Some new C&D recycling operations avoid them because of wear concerns, but Paul Corriera, NER's plant manager, likes the 30-foot-long by 8-foot diameter, eight-sided trommel "because it does a better job of getting the fines out.
Instead of a round tub, Staber uses a patented stainless-steel eight-sided outer tub with a six-sided inner tub that holds more laundry and tumbles it down repeatedly into a pool of water, which creates a water-pumping action that cleans clothes more effectively than circular tubs.
Larson had already designed and built the eight-sided tree house in his own backyard two years prior to the exhibit.
From single-sided to eight-sided labels and product sizes up to 6 liters are molded in tools with cavitation ranging up to 6 + 6 stack designs.
The Octagon, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the eight-sided remnant of an 1839 building that housed an asylum and later the Metropolitan Hospital.
The order covers the design, construction and delivery of an eight-sided media cube with large displays, projectors and integrated scoreboards.
The new TPA carton brings together in a one litre format the attractions of two of Tetra Pak's most successful innovations of recent years: the eye-catching, eight-sided shelf appeal of the TPA shape--previously available only in 250ml and 330ml sizes--and the camper-evident, easy to use, resealable functionality of the StreamCap opening.
The top box is shaped like an eight-sided merry-go-round, decorated with a similar amount of carousel horses, each named after a Starbucks beverage (Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, et al).
Sixteen fighters from around the world, including four from the UK, battled it out in an eight-sided, caged ring.
Sixteen fighters from around the world, including four from the UK, will battle it out in a special eight-sided caged ring at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.
PAM Fastening Technology of Charlotte, N.C., has recently introduced a pneumatic under pinning product for low- to medium-production runs of four-, six- and eight-sided molding.