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having eight units or components

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As a result, the MEA will see IP video traffic grow seven-fold from 2013 to 2018 while Internet video traffic will grow eight-fold from 2013 to 2018.
Dear Editor, According to the Post on August 5 2011 'cost-cutting helped Birmingham Airport to post an eight-fold increase in profits last year'.
Last year, they nabbed 138 Iranians, an eight-fold surge.
Over 27 years, the study found that benign enlargement of the prostate gland, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, was associated with a two to three-fold increased risk of men developing prostate cancer, and with a two to eight-fold increased risk of them dying from prostate cancer.
40) at Musselburgh if they are to increase their winnings more than eight-fold and pocket the pounds 292,866 bonus pool.
PolyTherics applied its HiPEG site-specific PEGylation technology to interferon alpha to produce HiPEG IFN [alpha]-2a, which in a preclinical study showed eight-fold higher activity than a marketed PEGylated interferon in vitro, and a comparable half-life.
Summary: The Ukrainian Cabinet is reportedly considering increasing operatorsEoACAO fees eight-fold for the usage of mobile frequency resources
The number of women police officials would also see an eight-fold increase from the current strength of 900, Atmar promised.
Summary: Clothing retailer Monsoon has defied the economic downturn to produce an eight-fold rise in profits during the past year.
An eight-fold screen in the ROM's collection features whimsical yet realistic images of these water denizens.
As renewables are often over twice the price of other forms of generation, government plans could see power bills increase eight-fold in a couple of decades.
Its nuclear power generation capacity is expected to expand eight-fold from 9 million kilowatts at present to 70 million kilowatts in 2020.
Revenue from the sale of land surged almost eight-fold to 8.
The number of active mobile phone users rose almost eight-fold to 1.
This year, FNX has expanded its land position almost eight-fold with the acquisition of all the Aurora Platinum Corporation properties, including eight kilometres of very prospective and relatively under-explored footwall rocks behind the historic Falconbridge Mine.