eight ball

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a black pool ball bearing the number 8

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In the one-minute footage you can hear sport on the TV in the background and the men's colleagues laughing as one attempts to insert an eight ball from the room's pool table into the backside of another.
Magic Eight Ball, like many lesbian novels, is a coming of age story, but it's not the kind of lesbian novel you've read before.
The 41-year-old native of Fort Chipewyan and Fort McMurray, Alta., won both the eight- and nine-ball competitions in Wal-Mac's Valley National Eight Ball Association tournament.
For instance, let's say an eight ball [$300 worth of crack cocaine] or three bullets [one bullet equals $100 worth of crack cocaine], I can easily smoke that in a day, no problem.
"People want to get away from cities to natural settings," says Chambers, "but without zoning restrictions, you're already behind the eight ball. You can build some pretty well-designed houses, but if they're not zoned, you can wind up with real fire traps."
Bogeys at 10 and 11 put him behind the eight ball again but he birdied the 12th.
Not only we played Test matches in Australia, we also introduced eight ball over in our domestic cricket for a while", speaking exclusively, he said.
But unfortunately for the real estate advisers, Trophy rules restricted him to two eight ball overs and Wragges recovered well, losing no more wickets scoring 154/2 in their allotted 16 eight-ball overs.
COVENTRY HOWITZER CLUB: Tonight: Bingo and eight ball; Sunday: Bingo and eight ball.
Mike Yuan, director for the Centre of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Research at Lakehead University, says tourism in the Thunder Bay region is really behind the eight ball right now.
"We lost too many wickets too early and we were always behind the eight ball," admitted Strauss.
"If you're not an Attawapiskat business or you're not a trainer (for Aboriginals), then you are behind the eight ball," Gerry Kerr, partner with Chignecto Consulting Group and consultant for Attawapiskat First Nations, says.
Eight ball carries - just one behind game-leader Kevin Maggs - exhibited Leamy's undoubted power in attack.
Asked to bat first, Chester were always behind the eight ball, and four runs off the first eight overs tells a story of a horribly low and slow wicket and to be fair, some excellent new ball bowling.
Pool sharks can rack 'em up at the Eight Ball Sports Bar in Leith.