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(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

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We determined the regions of location of eigenvalues of matrices associated to the systems in order to guarantee the asymptotic stability of the considered systems.
For the proposed algorithm it was shown that the condition numbers are controlled by a user-defined tolerance value, which is used to select the adaptive primal constraints from generalized eigenvalue problems on each equivalence classes, i.e., on edges and faces.
The upper and lower envelope of the signal are calculated with the eigenvectors associated with eigenvalue [lambda] = 1.
as the decomposition for the solution of (1), where [mathematical expression not reproducible], are the eigenvalue and eigenfunction pairs for the -[DELTA] + V operator.
Gao and Ma [8] studied the eigenvalues of periodic and antiperiodic eigenvalue problems of discrete linear secondorder difference equation (4) with sign-changing weight.
The energy eigenvalue of an nth level is obtained through q iterations where q [greater than or equal to] n.
Since we, in this paper, deal with the improving of the algorithm to determine whether a quadratic eigenvalue problem is definite or not, let us briefly summarize what has been done so far in the literature up to this point.
Let us note the result of [7], where the lower estimate for the derivative of the first eigenvalue [[lambda]'.sub.1]([alpha]) were obtained:
If A [member of] [C.sup.nxn] and A = ([a.sub.ij]), then every eigenvalue of A is contained in the plane, which is
For the eigenvalue assignment in [A.sup.r.sub.z], we encounter the singularly perturbed structure, so that the two-stage method is applied for a two time-scale problem.
Motivated, as mentioned above, with the need of new fractional derivatives with nice properties we study in this article the eigenvalue problems of Sturm-Liouville into conformable (fractional) calculus.
Lin and Parker [25] used eigenvalue derivatives to show the effect of carrier rotation on eigenvalue loci.
The eigenvalues are defined as the variance explained in the eigenvectors.