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(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

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Initially, Horn proposed considering an eigenvalue as significant if it was larger than the mean of those obtained from the simulated data.
For the Euclidian ball of the radio r > 0 the first eigenvalue is v = 1/r with its own space generated by the coordinate functions.
A regular graph G has j as an eigenvector and therefore it has only one main eigenvalue, namely, the maximum eigenvalue.
3)), which claims that any matrix with nonnegative real entries has a unique largest real eigenvalue.
However, all of above eigenvalue based spectrum sensing methods require multiple sensing nodes or receiving antennas.
This procedure is based on the work of Horn (4), which consists of randomly creating the same number of variables as the number of items analyzed (in the case of MBI-HSS, 22 items),correlating them and extracting eigenvalues against which the eigenvalues derived from the empirical data under analysis are compared.
Condition indices are the square roots of the ratio of the largest eigenvalue to each individual eigenvalue.
If n = 2m + 1 is odd: Eigenvalue Eigenvalue of L Multiplicity Eigenvec of A -3 4m + 5 = 2n + 3 [MATHEMATICAL [H.
Compared with the maximum-minimum eigenvalue (MME) method proposed in [3], in proposed method, modified MME method (mMME), only one CR node participates in detection instead of cooperatively detecting by using more than one CR nodes, consequently the derivations and expressions of the decision threshold must be modified although the steps of the two algorithms are the same.
In this paper, we focus on the maximum ratio combining (MRC) diversity gain and outage capacity of single-input and multiple-output (SIMO) systems, and analyze the effects of the eigenvalue estimation errors (due to limited channel samples) on the evaluations of the diversity gain and capacity of a SIMO system.
This results in a modified design for which a costly eigenvalue analysis must be performed to assess its NVH performance (free or forced vibration response).
The complex eigenvalue analysis has been used by the brake research community to study friction-induced squeal in automotive disk brake assemblies.
The primal space, which forms the global, coarse part of the domain decomposition algorithm and which is always required for any competitive algorithm, is defined in terms of generalized eigenvalue problems related to subdomain edges and faces; selected eigenvectors associated to the smallest eigenvalues are used to enhance the primal spaces.
Martinez-Avendano, Perturbations of the Wigner-von Neumann potential leaving the embedded eigenvalue fixed, Ann.