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a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

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The Glaswegian plays Chief Superintendent Mike Walker for the eighth time in the new two-part drama - entitled Blue Eiderdown - and, as usual, he doesn't have his troubles to seek.
Tastefully decorated and well appointed, it features a wheelchair-accessible shower, a full kitchen, and eiderdown quilts to snuggle under.
I remember sitting by the weir, wrapped in my eiderdown, staring up at the Pleiades, musing on what kind of society would perpetrate such heinous crimes on the mind of a young lad.
At the center is the bed we all wished we had when we were 12--a canopied four-poster, draped in white eiderdown.
Crisp cotton sheets and eiderdown quilts on handcrafted beds signal quality that usually costs a lot more than you'll pay at this high-desert oasis in Oregon's northeast corner.
Virtually every item is branded with Le Touquet's logo: the dry-deaner bag that spills open with a fresh eiderdown comforter (on top of a real lion-skin rug); the sunbathing mats accessorized with (real) Burberry plaid blankets; the cocktail glasses and matchbooks strewn here and there.
Since antiquity, people on the Scandinavian coastline have made occasional use of eiderdown.
It's custom-made $2,300 eiderdown pillow, with a 435-thread-count silk cover.
For $2,300 you can lay rest your head on what's being touted as the world's most expensive pillow: eiderdown filling, covered with 435-thread-count silk, woven in Germany.
Johannes Gutenberg, basic bible printer, snuggled under his heaviest eiderdown.
The patient lies under eiderdown and takes comfort picturing his long underwear pinned up and dripping as high windows mist.
He believes there's no eiderdown side to his bedroom brainwave - and that's not just pillow talk | Dave with his invention which, he |says, has had a positive reaction from the big stores.
forgive, I pretended to sleep, eiderdown over head, eiderdown between