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the act of coming (or going) out

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Each was permitted to be stung once and then reared individually on sprouting cowpea grains in plastic cups (diameter: 9 cm on base and 12 cm on top; height: 4.5 cm) until egression of the parasitoid larva from the host and spinning of the cocoon for the pupal stage.
Compression dressing can exert a mild force on the wounds and subcutaneous tissues to preclude both egression and accumulation of CSF, which improves the seal of dural openings.
There are very few verses of the Qur'an and hadith that are considered as what is known as 'qat'iatildilala ', which is where the understanding of the egression is absolute; that we know exactly what it means.
Some hosts died of parasitism soon after the egression of the parasites, but some hosts lived for additional 5 to 7 d (Fig.
Medical graduates and migration--a perspective on the egression of human capital from Pakistan.