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Synonyms for egress

the act of leaving

Synonyms for egress

(astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse

the becoming visible

the act of coming (or going) out

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After the copilot and I had completed our emergency checklists, we waited for what seemed like hours (actually less than 2 minutes in real time) while the remaining crew members egressed via the crew entry chute.
Capt Beck declared an emergency on the radio and emergency ground egressed the aircraft.
The adult male egressed by kicking out the windshield, and the adult female egressed with her son out the emergency exit in the back.
As the flames intensified on the aircraft fully loaded with live munitions, they sprinted over 50 yards and retrieved two 150-pound Halon fire extinguishers and fought the fire as the aircrew egressed the aircraft.
The crew egressed through an overhead hatch, using an escape rope deployed by the Defensive Systems Officer, into a knee-deep pool of JP-8.