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act in a way that attracts attention

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EgoTrip Records will provide a platform for new and innovative music.
MICHAEL Flatley's concertstyle 3-D movie has been universally panned by the critics, who say it's tacky, tasteless, repetitive and little more than an egotrip.
Chairman Mike Amos said: "For a company it could prove of vast commercial benefit and for an individual simply the egotrip of a lifetime.
Maybe we should find another name for it, and so reduce the risk that it will get caught in some general backlash against cloning of the egotrip variety.
Someone who could easily have carried on and broken Peter Shilton's all-time caps record, but realised it may have entailed embarrassing fiveminute cameo roles (a la David Beckham), which would simply have been sponsorship-enhancing egotrips that stifled younger players' chances.