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an intense and irresistible love for yourself and concern for your own needs

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Egomaniacs might drive to and from the golf course.
We all know the media is sensationalistic, superficial, unreliable, and filled with screen-hogging egomaniacs. But we still have to watch it, especially for those occasions when, say, our government might be bombing the women and children of a Middle Eastern country because its leader is "thumbing his nose" at somebody or other.
Week Four Some of the contestants are beginning to have personality clashes, because - as The Apprentice proves every year - being an irritating egomaniac doesn't make you immune to other irritating egomaniacs.
But like all egomaniacs , they can't resist flaunting what they did.
Why are we so captivated by the spectacle of over-paid, attentionseeking egomaniacs, usually only interested in individual glory, pretending to care about being a humble cog in a team?
If I had to deal daily with a bunch of overpaid egomaniacs who'd never done a proper day's work in their lives, then think I'd start throwing things around dressing rooms too.
In truth it does matter because there is nothing more calculated to make life impossible for ordinary citizens or businesses than the stupid egomaniacs who sometimes become politicians and local government officers.
I FEEL sorry for gay Brian the Ryan Air steward, locked in the Big Brother house with that bunch of screaming egomaniacs and schemers.
You couldn't find two more elitist egomaniacs on the planet.
Do we watch an army of terrifying, robotic, screechyvoiced egomaniacs launch an all-out bid for world domination?