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But when it's taken to an extreme--when we become egomaniacal or narcissistic--we fail to see the world through other people's perspectives.
Maybe we can only hope that Trump keeps talking long enough for even the craziest percentile of American voters to come to realise what a hateful, deluded, egomaniacal windbag he is.
Until then, we, the parents will pay and the saddest thing of all; our kids and their brain functions will have been spoiled in what some may consider being an egomaniacal trial.
District Judge William Kuntz seemed unmoved, calling Choudhry "an egomaniacal force" who was "self-absorbed and merciless in your pursuit of evil" before handing down a life sentence for charges including conspiracy to commit murder outside the United States and immigration fraud.
So like any selfish and egomaniacal leader, he orders her murder.
Spacey plays the egomaniacal leader of a private military corporation in the single-player story mode of "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.''Despite often choppy animation of his performance capture acting, Spacey lends smarmy gravitas to his character, the highlight of an otherwise rote, self-serious, globe-trotting campaign.
When Echols reveals too much of what's rolling around in his head, though, he comes across as egomaniacal and off-putting--the 18-year-old tortured poet comes peeking out through the pen of the hardened inmate." JOSH MODELL
The former aide, Jeff Connaughton, depicts Biden as "egomaniacal autocrat" who was "determined to manage his staff through fear" in his book, "The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins."
It took 2 Chainz more than a decade and one name change to become a star, and it took "Spend It" a track with an egomaniacal hook, whining organ and lurching drum rolls a year to become his signature, self-affirming hit.
HE is most famous for playing Jesus, a nurse and a Man U obsessed detective and is now playing on stage an egomaniacal surgeon in Robert Gordon's Doctor in the House.
I know of no better insight into the inner workings of the caudillo regime, of the egomaniacal ruthless dictator sustained by a repressive state apparatus and compliant media.
Any candidate who threatens the globalist status quo that has helped lead our country into its current predicament should be welcomed, even if that candidate is as obnoxious and egomaniacal as Trump can be.
The words are Napoleon's, an egomaniacal dictator who invaded most of his neighbors, and whose thirst for total victory led him to overreach, sacrifice hundreds of thousands of his soldiers, suffer ignominious defeat, and end up in exile on an island.
The six-episode series, written by Gervais and Stephen Merchant, will follow the life of an egomaniacal talent agent - who's also a little person running an agency that finds work for fellow little people.