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an intense and irresistible love for yourself and concern for your own needs

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The narrator says Vargas Llosa is remarkable for his "omniscience omnipotence exuberance visibility and egomania.
He appears to be so drunk on egomania he has no idea the moment those allegations of an affair blew apart his squeaky clean family image, he lost all right to dish it out.
Divided into subjects such as sex, reviews, egomania, success, and general outrageousness, it's a vivid picture of how some of the geniuses in the world of music think.
His usual egomania, certainly, but Gaddafi (who wore the purple curtains on that occasion) was also trying to build support for his "United States of Africa" project.
Early in Norman's career many dismissed this kind of self-belief as egomania, while later critics wrote it off as self-delusion.
Axelrod's book reminds us how Hitler's egomania and fanatical stubbornness led his armies into defeat.
While on occasion it is justifiable to stamp out cynical architectural egomania, as seen in the New York Times' criticism of Calatrava's design for the Ground Zero transport hub, described as 'a monument to the architect's ego', this month the AR features projects that make the most of the skills and interests of their overseas designers.
Cate Blanchett, "I'm Not There": Just an incredible impersonator of someone like Bob Dylan, Blanchett got to the core of artistic integrity; hilarious egomania, too.
Nothing but egomania keeps Edwards in the race now.
Most just laugh at them, recognising symptoms of egomania that will eventually destroy the addict.
Egomania leads to scavenging an existence at the expense of others.
The egomania of stars, the delusions of faded stars, the deceit of the ambitious, the complications of the closet, the universal leveler of lust--these are traditional engines of farce, and Keenan knows how to make them hum.
La obra da cuenta de la egomania de nuestra sociedad con una factura precisa y perfecta.
His endless repetition of his own name may suggest egomania, until one considers how it undercuts the implications of his expressionistic brushwork: Yes, Smith is "putting himself on canvas," per the romantic cliche, but he's doing so in the most evacuated way imaginable.
I heartily agree with Claire Smith's letter (Viewpoints, December 28), which highlighted the fact that many celebrities' reasons for involvement in charity fundraising stems more from egomania than heartfelt goodwill.