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Synonyms for egoism

Synonyms for egoism

(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare in the basis of morality

concern for your own interests and welfare

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While ethical principles and judgments may be approached utilizing several normative theories, three are of particular interest in an examination of the relationship between age, moral development, and ethical decision making: egoism, utilitarianism, and justice.
On the other hand, various egoism reasons for volunteering have been offered, including: to improve one's own welfare (Martin, 1994), to relieve the discomfort one might feel when noticing someone in distress (Piliavin et al.
Egoism means the extent to which one chooses an action based on self-interest.
Robin, elicits a moral evaluation within the philosophical views of justice, relativism, egoism, utilitarianism, and deontology.
Altruism is the denial of egoism, so if ever in the history of the world one person acted intentionally to benefit another, but not as a means to his own well-being, egoism would be refuted.
Machan's second objection is that Spencer lapsed from libertarian faith in egoism when in his later years he averred that self-sacrificial altruism could be not only a virtue, but even a moral obligation.
Maxwell sees no contradiction in McKay's marriage of Mars--or Marx--and Eros: "Even McKay's shining 'hate lyrics' cannot refuse bohemian codes of expressive egoism and the cross-wiring of political and amorous dynamite.
China and Japan have shown their own egoism in their relationship, particularly in their latest row over Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine, a leading Indonesian newspaper said Thursday.
Rhyming outlines, bold clothing, kneeling before the pulpit, the use of the "royal we" (the plural of majesty), artificial display of voice or tears--all these, in his view, were merely signs of egoism and therefore hurtful to the gospel.
I deliberately skipped over all the passages about egoism and altruism.
Dostoevsky shared Sade's insight that egoism repudiates God and propounds nihilism in order to attain liberation for sexual license, crime, destruction, and murder.
Bourgeois was an expression of praise only when it applied to domestic virtues; in the public sphere it became a criticism, denoting an excessive egoism and pettiness that precluded a consideration of the greater good.
But one has to admire the outstanding milestones that his persistence, fueled by sheer egoism, has achieved, e.
The argument encompasses elements of psychological altruism, psychological egoism, and hedonism.