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This parametric form exhibits the four qualitative properties discussed above for the nonparametric model: monotonicity, convexity, egocentricity, and nondiscrimination.
There is another kind of Immortality that demands perhaps equal legitimate egocentricity.
HEAVEN forfend that anyone could fail to recognise the egocentricity of the ECHO's contributor Pete Price.
As such, please forgive us a tad bit of egocentricity on this occasion.
I struggle over statements like, "Nikolais' decentralization anticipated multiculturalism's critical response, but its universalizing systems approach would keep the cultural critique unmarked in all but its most general formulation as a refusal of western egocentricity.
Seeking a "refuge from egocentricity / and its propensity to bisect, / mis-state, misunderstand" (Moore 1967b: 231), the poet breaks the mirroring gaze by destabilizing the speaker's identity in frequent pronoun shifts.
30), the hierarchy illustrates that the retention "favours simplicity, egocentricity, deixis, and topicality.
In fact, his interactions smack of egocentricity and are inconsiderate.
God alone with irresistible power (grace) can break this bondage--and does so through God's wrath, which through suffering, pain, and a terrifying spiritual abyss destroys one's egocentricity.
But my biggest problem is that I was left with the gnawing feeling that the biological mother is centrally responsible for caring for the child because her very body and psyche, the "psyche-soma" is, in early infancy, indistinguishable from the infant's and that, furthermore, an infant's ruthlessness, driven by egocentricity needs and desires, is uniquely reserved for the biological mother.
It is often full of egocentricity, attitude-striking and spite, and is short on humour, natural musicality and ultimately even individuality.
It's the central factor determining egocentricity, or what we in politics call the `look at me, aren't I hot?
More Bankruptcy, mergers important is to subdue and acquisitions possessiveness and service the market, egocentricity.
Deane then proceeds to show how Burke regarded the revolutionary as losing contact with the world to give priority to the world of representation, and specifically the world of their own individual imagination: 'Egocentricity has replaced sympathy; but it is an egocentricity that craves acclaim from others even though it has no genuine feeling for others' (p.
Windsorites may be easily able to ward off the threat of Falstaff, but, in their egocentricity, they seem unaware of the extent to which they emulate his values.