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(psychoanalysis) the part of the ego that contains an ideal of personal excellence toward which a person strives

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In Lacanian terms, Hoffman's illusions cannot eradicate his ego ideal or cannot disconnect him from the reality principle.
Essa condicao clinica e teorica sinaliza de certa maneira um mal-estar caracteristico da condicao de estrangeiridade, uma subjetividade em continua tensao entre ideal de ego e o ego ideal. Um conflito interno que denuncia a introjecao de um esquema de relacoes na qual, por um lado, aparece o ego falho e, por outro, o superinvestimento no ego que resulta numa certa hemorragia narcisica, como descreve Kaes (1998).
(1) Retroactivity (temporality), ideal ego, and ego ideal are brought together in Lacan's (2006) graph of desire.
Instead of becoming isolated by their shame, this opportunity for visual contact with themselves helps heal the rupttire between their ego and ego ideal. Once they have reappropriated their own gaze, shame and disgust are no longer seen as products inherent.
For his part, Bill Cosey understands both that his father is not to be imitated as ego ideal, since there is something obscenely evil in this role, and, to the extent that it ever can be achieved deliberately, that he ought to construct a "self" in opposition to Dark.
narrator as a powerful ego ideal, an improved and more sophisticated
This model might be considered in terms of the superego and the related ego ideal. The classic statement of structural theory is The Ego and the Id (1923).
Other writers view this future self-concept as the "potential social Me" (James, 1910), the "ego ideal" (Freud, 1925), "how I should be" (Rogers, 1951), and "the Dream" (Levinson, 1978).
En general--et c'est le mensonge courant sur lequel se fonde cette litterature romanesque--, les heros trouvent cet alter ego ideal, avec lequel ils nouent une relation tout aussi ideale, qui, bien sur, n'entretient que des rapports lointains avec la vie quotidienne et notamment avec la realite du mariage.
The personality traits contributing to openness operate on the first level through the ego's navigation of (1) a realignment of the twin ideals of ego ideal (yearning for perfection) and ideal ego (inflated sense of self, and (2) successive deintegrations (Fordham) to accommodate newly consolidated growth.
Alford tries to weave a consistent model of whistleblowing that builds on the concepts of individuality and ego ideal to help us understand why whistleblowers feel like space-walkers who have been ostracized not just from the organization but also from everyone in society, including family and friends.
He rejects exactly those group identifications through which the individual finds his own "ego ideal" and integrates himself into the larger community (Freud "Group" 161).
This, according to M., enabled him to integrate the derivatives of his powerful narcissism, his stifled and conflicted aggression, and his repressed but rebellious sexual and libidinal drives in a way that was consistent with his ego ideal and formed the basis for the articulation of his saintly and spiritual identity.
This chapter begins with a discussion of Keats's "Grecian Urn," in which Johnson astutely concludes that "the ego ideal of the poetic voice would seem, then, to reside in the muteness of things." Johnson uses this muteness in its association with the idealization of the feminine to form the context for her discussion of the film The Piano.
In fact, the motive that induces us to obey the prescription is our reverence for the ideal that it conveys.(6) These two aspects of the Categorical Imperative are mirrored in Freudian theory by the concepts of the superego and ego ideal. The superego tells us what to do; the ego ideal gives us a model to emulate.