eggs Benedict

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toasted English muffin topped with ham and a poached egg (or an oyster) and hollandaise sauce

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Fantastic full English, eggs Benedict and the cinnamon rolls toast were to die for.
The classy buffet took my breath away: smoked salmon topped jwith cream cheese, oysters with black caviar, foie gras, prawns in herb mayonnaise, eggs Benedict, cold roast chicken, hot poached fish, thin slices of roast beef.
11 years ago, starting out making muffins and American-style biscuits (sort of like a fluffy, savoury scone), then breakfast and brunch items such as pancakes, French toast and eggs Benedict.
LeGrand Benedict, bored with her usual options during her weekly Saturday luncheon at Delmonico's or a hungover Lemuel Benedict, begging the waiter for a pitcher of hollandaise at the Waldorf Astoria (both in late 1800s New York City) that created what we know now as eggs Benedict.
Eggs Benedict has to be the definitive brunch food and, as in this case, Double Eggs Benedict is obviously the ultimate.
That's music to our ears, as we'll be busy cooking for friends and family rather than Michelin judges, but his recipes for eggs Benedict, beef fillet with salsa verde, and smoky pulled pork with chipotle mayonnaise should satisfy all comers.
The French boulangerie now serves breakfast that includes sweet and savoury viennoiseries, breads, crepes and galettes with a variety of fillings as well as classics like Eggs Benedict and Omelette Marseillaise.
This is eggs benedict but with salmon instead of ham-and yes, it was named after author Ernest Hemingway.
Johnson is now putting the finishing touches on Eggs Benedict in preparation for a forthcoming show at Milwaukee's Portrait Society Gallery, and in retrospect, she thinks the timing of the papal succession may have helped bring more attention to the artwork.
Two particularly good deals are the truffle eggs Benedict, which for $9.
Watching the Pontiff retire reminds me of how, when he was elected, Glasgow Rangers hilariously took the dish Eggs Benedict off their menus in case it "offended supporters".
The menu is the traditional brunch fare -- a variety of egg dishes and sandwiches, with waffles and Ginette's version of Eggs Benedict coming in as the most popular items.
Bird saliva is the secret ingredient in eggs Benedict.
Try them as a light breakfast served with poached haddock or as part of a delicious eggs benedict.