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dishware consisting of a small cup for serving a boiled egg


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If you're thinking egg cup measures, think one of vodka and two of the champers and the juice.
But these cute and easy little Egg Cups are a simple way to customize each serving with exactly what your diners want: One likes only cheese with his eggs, while another doesn't eat meat, and someone else abhors onions.
As on the Acme, the flange at the end opposite the egg cup (on the later scale) is an improved design to provide a much more rigid frame than the earlier model, although it is shaped differently than the later model Acme.
Unscathed, the cat bolts through two drawings, eating the small egg before the man with the egg cup can stop him.
Simple to make they're eggshells that have been emptied, cleaned, filled with water, and placed in egg cups.
You have to tilt it at a sharp angle to make out the pinched face and his head held in the egg cup of an up-turned collar.
In Shrek Smash N' Crash Racing, gamers take on the role of Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots or eight other Shrek universe characters, and race around on comical vehicles such as Puss in Boots' bull, Humpty Dumpty's egg cup and Gingy's cupcake.
CRACKING EGG CUPS GLASS SHELL Glass heart egg cup with spoon (set of 2) Live Laugh Love Ltd, PS4.
uk PERSONALISED EGG CUP AND SPOON LITTLE ones will love eating their boiled eggs if you serve them up in this cute egg cup with personalised spoon.
You may not all know about my egg cup fascination," Contactmusic quoted her as saying on her Twitter page.
Dita, left, posted the images on the internet, writing: "You may not all know about my egg cup fascination.
Also, by putting it in an egg cup rather than a dish, bees can use it without birds being tempted to use it for a bath.
NEW YORK-The Elegant Egg Cup is a tabletop specialty store that hopes to show customers how to "mix beautiful heirloom pieces with their own modern things to create a personal look," according to owner Charlie Akwa.
95), she displays pansies in an egg cup and stuffs sweet peas into a dainty tea pot.