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To examine germination rates in the soil seed bank and among egested vs.
As articulated in my book, planetary materials were egested (not ejected) from a star in sequential epochs.
Dietary incorporation of soybean meal and exogenous enyme cocktail can affect physical characteristics of faecal material egested by rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).
They argue that pellet content may not reflect prey base particularly when potential prey differ in size because when larger-size prey are consumed they must be egested before new prey can be ingested.
Paleontologists have long assumed that changes in the taxonomic composition and taxonomic abundances of small-mammal paleofaunas, especially rodents, reflect changes in habitats, including when the paleofaunas were deposited in egested owl pellets (e.g., Findley, 1964; Lundelius, 1964; Mellett, 1974; Mayhew, 1977; Redding, 1978).
At 5:58 pm on 12 September, the light levels returned to maximum strength from zero--an indication that the tag had likely been egested. For the 19 hours remaining of the programmed deployment period prior to pop-off, the depth, light, and temperature data all indicated that the tag was floating at the surface.
If so, does this have implications for nutrient cycling due to the fact that egested materials are likely to be lost from the water column due to rapid sinking (Sarnelle 1992, Elser et al.
Significant costs of particle sorting, digestion, and absorption, evidenced as metabolically derived material egested and assayed within feces, were greatest in species with higher saturated capacities for the ingestion of remaining organics.
The two small anal pores can transport small undigested particles, but larger undigested particles are egested through the mouth, so functionally the gut must be described as sac-shaped (Reeve and Walter, 1978).
where the mean size of egested structures ([bar.E]) of each condition category was calculated from measurements of those recovered from the captive feeding experiments, and the mean size of each ingested structure ([[bar.[I.sub.s]]) was estimated from the fork length of fish fed by using inverse predictions of the regression formulae derived from fresh material (Zeppelin et al., 2004, this issue).
This increased activity corresponded to a 30% increase in total N and C egested by earthworms at our site, 70% of which are known surface-casting species (Zurcher 1994; J.
Males and females on the honeysuckle diets exhibited significantly greater mean ingested, egested and assimilated energy values compared to males and females on the juniper diet (Table 1).
The clam Mactra veneriformis also egests feces and pseudofeces through the exhalant siphon and inhalant siphon, respectively.
Changes in feeding and crawling rates of Hydrobia truncata (Prosobranchia: Hydrobiidae) in response to sedimentary chlorophyll-a and recently egested sediment.