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Synonyms for egalitarianism

the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality

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Thus, by the time the title phase appears in the text, Hurston has given the folk community a chance to contradict all the egalitarianism and attachment to folklore that it stands for.
The point of the Declaration's limited egalitarianism -- if we want to characterize it in such terms -- is to stress a distinctive requirement of organized social life," writes Machan.
He said that for ensuring egalitarianism and social justice we must seek to rehabilitate and reconstruct countless lives that have been devastated by the militants on the one hand and the natural disasters in the country on the other.
Luck egalitarianism is worth taking seriously in precisely the way--more philosophically than politically--Cohen suggests.
Let's face it, egalitarianism is the core of the kiwi way of life.
This possibility might be thought to be problematic (for the attempt to square strong brute luck egalitarianism and Kagan's intuitions) because it provides a rationale for giving the additional two units to the sinner.
I theorize that this paradigm is partially rooted in the dogma of egalitarianism that pervades the United States educational establishment.
Purple index fingers raised high in Iraq symbolize the victory of good over evil, of egalitarianism over inequality, and of a freed people over terrorism and fascism.
A new egalitarianism is permeating many forward-thinking companies.
Her egalitarianism, lack of personal ambition and simple desire to marry for love keep her from using this advantage to climb socially.
The first instalment of Pluto's NOW Australia series, this book by journalist and author Andrew West lays bare the great Australian myth of egalitarianism to observe the customs, privileges and pre-occupations of the nation's upper middle class.
Generally," the paper quoted Mateu as saying, "there has been a tendency for people to earn the same, and that egalitarianism is not helpful.
That right could be based on a sufficient number of significant states responsibly accepting the concept of universal jurisdiction either as a UN resolution or through some other influential international institution or procedure such as the World Social Forum, with its powerful drive for global social-economic egalitarianism and its potential for worldwide, grass-roots organization promoting peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.