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a friendly open trait of a talkative person

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Consider the excerpt in Figure 3, from a different Year 6 student who, while drawing on some emotionally effusiveness terms, later demonstrates some use of hedging to temper claims in the final sentence.
My lyrical effusiveness interwoven with the 'when I'm with you' does not help.
With characteristic effusiveness, plus traces of reflection and wistfulness as he ponders his exit, he wears his heart on his sleeve throughout the three-page letter.
3) Principal among these pronouncements was Flaubert's railing against the excessive effusiveness and fluidity that he associated with her womanhood.
Twenty-first-century Italy celebrated its 150 years without effusiveness.
I realized, as I took offmy belt and hung up my pants, I should enjoy this effusiveness while I still could.
Texans may assess education similarly: ask people what they think of "the schools" and they will tell you that they're a mess, but ask them what they think of their child's school and you might have to restrain their effusiveness.
I worried she thought it was the effusiveness of a friend speaking.
The 22-year-old seems set for selection ahead of Ian Bell, and even prompted some rare effusiveness from Cook.
In contrast to the emotional effusiveness of sentimentality, the coded communication between slaves was strategically illegible in order to escape detection by masters, many of whom manipulated emotional bonds as punishment, as Rufus does when he threatens Alice with the setting of their children to render her more compliant.
As Austen's narrator makes clear, though contemporary critics dismissively associate women with trivial literary effusiveness, the feminine tradition of the novel shows the significant difference between private and public literary genres.
Reserved in her own demeanor, Towne may have been attracted to the sea islanders' effusiveness and spirituality.
The epideictic atmosphere quickly regained liveliness and Lott's comments were, if not forgotten, sublimated by the effusiveness with which other speakers praised Thurmond's many accomplishments.
Dashwood's character: she is generally governed by the "romantic delicacy," the emotional effusiveness, in brief; the "sensibility" typical of Marianne; but in extreme circumstances, a new facet is revealed--a glimmer of "sense" shared with, and perhaps learned from, Elinor.
Although Christopher Plummer's charismatic Captain Von Trapp cast a shadow over Michael Praed's version, he provided a good stern foil to the youthful effusiveness, of Maria and produced a surprisingly sweet Edelweiss.