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Synonyms for effortlessness

the ability to perform without apparent effort

Antonyms for effortlessness

the quality of requiring little effort

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Beautiful tunes pour out of Tord Gustavsen with such apparent effortlessness that as a listener I find myself giggling with both pleasure and amazement.
Lemper frequently fashions herself as a modern femme fatale, who can segue with seeming effortlessness from a vampy, world-weary cynicism worthy of Dietrich to the misty-eyed resiliency of the late-career Edith Piaf (both of whose signature songs she has recorded).
But he glides around the field with the effortlessness of a lightweight, and those huge paddles at the end of his legs are surprisingly deft and dainty.
Each time it's the same tease (just enough complexity for the simplicity to emerge as an unexpected gift, just enough simplicity for the force of the effect to strike the viewer as utterly unaccountable), the same apparent effortlessness.
In many of her roles, Cochran specializes in an airy lightness, a deftness that allows her to move with incredible swiftness through many changes of direction, all with such seeming effortlessness that it looks as natural as breathing.
This pioneering tool offers functionality features such as e-mail integration, simultaneous exchange of data, automatic synchronization, and its server-based design allows for effortlessness implementation, installation and configuration.
Voice activated connectivity augments effortlessness - the 'on-board valet'
If you're fixing for duck, however, the quantity and the effortlessness of this version - with neither bones nor grease to grapple with - might make it worth a try.
Second, like our intuition, the ability to call up relevant information with similar apparent effortlessness, belies the complexity of the internet.
The ``beauty'' of the show is the effortlessness with which the group blur the boundaries between performer and spectator, between provocation and discussion, between art and life, to create an encounter that is casual and yet rich with ideas.
Henri's work elicits an undeniable emotional response by gracefully capturing the personal narrative of the subject, leaving the viewer with a feeling of effortlessness and transparent honesty.
A percussive chameleon, she can alternate between impeccably crisp rhythmic bursts and delicate melodies, displaying both effortlessness and athleticism.
Blackhat" is the product of a brilliant filmmaker, but it refuses to answer where it exactly stands regarding the effortlessness of theft and corruption facilitated by modern technology.
The effect is engaging and unpretentious music that has a feel of effortlessness, so much so that you don't notice that even the amplifier fuzz hits its mark perfectly.
Sure, she rules the red carpet like no other and stuns in sequins, but Tay's everyday style oozes an easy-breezy effortlessness.