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Synonyms for effortlessness

the ability to perform without apparent effort

Antonyms for effortlessness

the quality of requiring little effort

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As many librarians are highly aware, concealed behind the perceived effortlessness of streaming are a host of factors--ranging from licensing to discovery to accessibility.
As spring edges closer to most parts of the country, it is time to let go of heavy moisturizers and dark colours to make way for effortlessness of spring.
The film employs the latest ground-breaking technology to realise Cuaron's startling vision and the effortlessness with which the Mexican director orchestrates it is jaw-dropping.
The merchants, wary of the plastic cards and the logistical mess it entails, are glad to opt for the effortlessness of MoMark.
A great deal of information and opinion is conveyed with seeming effortlessness, and one's attention is held from start to finish.
Riding a bicycle for a living sounds appealing, but it's important to keep in mind that one needs to know the way around the city and ride with a certain effortlessness.
But unfortunately the sophistication of metro rail system outscored the minimalism and effortlessness of the Skybus.
Dhawan treated all Australian bowlers with utter disdain, but the best part was the effortlessness of the knock.
It's odd because in The Office, Gervais pulled off pathos with enviable effortlessness, whereas here it's like being hit over the head by a mallet made from doilies.
How Fellowes manages to juggle his astoundingly large cast with such effortlessness remains a marvel, but having seen six of the installments (PBS again withheld the concluding "Christmas episode," and fans would be well advised to avoid across-the-pond spoilers), the maestro is quite clearly at the top of his game.
A sound jumping performance and the ability to quicken under Paul Townend were the main ingredients of this success and in the end there was an air of effortlessness about his six-anda-half-length victory over Echo Bob.
performance dazzles With its seeming effortlessness.
Visitors can thus view the red cover page of the 1958 356A catalogue showing a woman's hand wearing an elegant glove and handling the gear shift of a Porsche with seeming effortlessness.
Called peak experiences, these experiences are characterized by happiness, inner calm, maximum wakefulness, effortlessness and ease of functioning, absence of fear, transcendence of ordinary time and space, and a sense of perfection and even invincibility.
In the context of these analyses, he critiques both Kant's arguments that spontaneity and morality mutually exclude one another, and Aristotle's "confusion of the effortlessness of virtue with that of habit.