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Synonyms for effort

Synonyms for effort

a difficult or tedious undertaking


a trying to do or make something

something completed or attained successfully

Synonyms for effort

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The study found that the socio-economic background of a family not only affected the child's educational attainment it also affected the school's effort, Health news reported.
Section 3 derives the optimal risk manager compensation contracts when effort is observable and contractible and the lending institution is funded with fairly priced debt and equity.
According to Pintrich and his associates (Pintrich et al., 1993), resource management strategies, which include the effort put into the learning process, are self-regulated strategies that enhance the learner's academic achievement in the classroom.
At the request of industry, it is chartered by the Joint Logistics Commanders (JLC) to reduce/eliminate hazardous materials, avoid duplication of effort, minimize technical risks, and balance cross-Service acquisition and sustainment pollution prevention (P2) issues and concerns.
I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on the efforts of the AFSTC and some of the challenges still facing the metalcasting industry.
"There's only one genome, [but] an epigenome varies in each and every tissue." The Human Genome Project was a worldwide effort that took more than a decade and billions of dollars to complete.
Effort, by contrast, should be thought of as a way to identify the difficulty of an overall workout.
$3 million to the hurricane relief efforts. The company's donation includes $1 million in an immediate cash donation to the Red Cross, $1 million match to employee and retiree donations to the Red Cross and $1 million in products and technology donations for the longer-term reconstruction effort.
Fee Real Estate jumped into action and began utilizing its resources to help with hurricane relief efforts.
Toward this end, in March 2005, the UN launched the "International Decade for Action: Water for Life 2005-2015." A UN Millennium Project Task Force has identified 5 guiding principles and 10 actions needed to intensify efforts to meet the targets (7,8).
With a two year test to procure goal, the FCT program saves time, money and effort versus the lengthy traditional acquisition cycle.
The government's position is that a contractor's IR & D costs can no longer be charged as an overhead or indirect cost item, and must be charged as a direct cost, once the contractor obtains a contract that either explicitly or implicitly requires that IR & D effort. This position is an extraordinary reversal of government policy established over the past several decades, and a rejection of the practice of "parallel IR & D" on which the government has relied during that same period.
The 100,000 Lives Campaign is different from similar initiatives like the Leapfrog Group's patient safety effort. While both focus on specific steps to reduce medical errors, Leapfrog is led by corporations and consumers of health care who are applying outside pressure to hospitals.
However, within hours of the 26 December tragedy, a squadron based at NAS Brunswick, Maine, and forward deployed in the western Pacific, began to help in what would become an immense multinational effort. Patrol Squadron (VP) 8, with assistance from VP-4 (based at MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii), repositioned nine P-3C Orion aircraft from air bases in Japan and Bahrain to Utapao, Thailand, and Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T.
An essential part of this project has been an effort to reconstruct the evolution of attitudes towards and the experiences of the poorest Americans, no easy task given the paucity of written records documenting their personal lives.