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Synonyms for effort

Synonyms for effort

a difficult or tedious undertaking


a trying to do or make something

something completed or attained successfully

Synonyms for effort

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The study found that the socio-economic background of a family not only affected the child's educational attainment it also affected the school's effort, Health news reported.
1993), resource management strategies, which include the effort put into the learning process, are self-regulated strategies that enhance the learner's academic achievement in the classroom.
The Human Genome Project was a worldwide effort that took more than a decade and billions of dollars to complete.
Exercise exertion may change many times during a long training run, but the overall workout effort will be one fixed value.
We want to fast forward to the future through a sustained effort to rebuild our programs and restore educational opportunities to students.
Fee Real Estate jumped into action and began utilizing its resources to help with hurricane relief efforts.
Given the vision of convergence with schedule as a metric, the effort moved towards developing courses of action to solve the problem statement.
All Children's has pledged to make an effort to prevent central line infections and develop a rapid response team, says Judi Vitucci, administrative director of quality and outcomes.
Deere also has communicated to company employees information on how they can individually contribute to agencies working on the international effort to respond to the tragedy, including the American Red Cross and dozens of other organizations.
A counselor might invest considerable time and energy into an advocacy effort, only to fail in producing change.
If they make sufficient effort, pay attention, do their homework, and exercise self-discipline, they will learn.
The endgame will then involve a ramp down to maintenance levels as the comprehensive effort to stabilize, eradicate coca, empower people, and restore the rule of law is achieved.
In communications to employees, NASA leaders have emphasized that the BST-led culture change effort will be the integration point for all other organizational culture efforts related to the CAIB recommendations, including OneNASA, Return-to-Flight, and the Diaz Implementation.
We are assisted in this effort by the ADAA Foundation with its concern for education and newly expressed plans for professional publicity.
This reality suggests that a foundry sales effort focused on volume growth is wrongheaded.