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Synonyms for efflux

a sudden or rapid flowing outward

Synonyms for efflux

the process of flowing out

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BURSAR OF EMMANUEL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE (Complaining about the smells from a hamburger stall): "We remain convinced that the effluxion of oleaginous fumes has killed at least one tree, and probably two shrubs in the garden slip over the wall from the stall.
Maybe it's just a matter of the slow effluxion of time; after all, after decades of denying that they'd ever consider tolls for using the motorways, ministers are now said to be actively looking at the idea.
The effluxion of time might have seen the success of government policy demonstrated with removal or dismantling of the more repressive definitions and provisions.
Jane Sharp observes in The Midwives Book (London, 1671), "if it happen in seven daies after conception it is but an effluxion, but if in fourteen daies after it is an untimely birth" (221).
But the local council has ordered him to move on after the snooty fellows of nearby Emmanuel College wrote to complain about "the effluxion of oleaginous fumes".
The Implementation Agreement between Reuters and Thomson dated 15 May 2007 in regard to the Transaction, terminates by effluxion of time or otherwise