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a foul-smelling outflow or vapor (especially a gaseous waste)

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In this case, the effluvia of peddlers trying to make you buy other things - invariably things that are more expensive than the first thing.
Caption: Unlike ruminants, kangaroos produce low-methane effluvia, and researchers are discovering how they do it.
The war's refugees, "Europe's effluvia," one of the papers called them.
There are props, bits of costume, plaques, and other effluvia, as well as programs and sketches from other sources to fill out the picture.
Not even the most imaginative person could have foreseen that the effluvia of the election would evaporate in less than 48 hours," Aliverti wrote.
1985) draws us into a dismal, perpetually raining countryside reeking of human effluvia of a peculiarly disheartening sort.
Wigand Available in the Public Record" that amounted to the gleanings of phone records, medical re cords, typographical errors and police blotter effluvia purporting to portray Wigand as a liar, shoplifter, plagiarist, wife-beater and expense-account cheater, among other categories of malfeasance.
Ostrowski's shifting planes of paper and expressive passages evoke Oehlen's recent admixtures of appropriated imagery and performative smudges, which both articulate form and obscure the latent iconography of advertisements and commercial effluvia for which he is known.
Basically, much of the "value" meat ranges is the rejected fat, sinew, effluvia, and bits of unwanted flesh hosed off the bones of carcasses, converted into a grey slurry, which is chemically treated to kill bacteria and look appetising.
Ever since he first appeared on the national political stage, a cottage industry of conservative conspiracy theorists has churned out paranoid, bizarro, and plain racist effluvia, some of which trickled into the political mainstream.
The olfactorally-assaulted hunter woke me, handed me a steaming, stinking heap of effluvia on a sheet of cardboard and growled, "Deal with it
But it turns out that instead of sucking on fish blood, the vampire squid makes a modest living feeding on bits of dead marine life and other effluvia that floats down to the lower depths of the sea.
Call it post-Christmas debris or gift drift or Xmas effluvia, but odds are a lot of households right now are up to their knees in leftovers of the wrapping and packing sort.
In her conclusion to Gendering Disgust in Medieval Religious Polemic, Alexandra Cuffel asks her readers, "What do our bodies and our effluvia really mean to us that we should impose abstract connotations on them signifying both great power and great danger?