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Synonyms for efficiency

Synonyms for efficiency

the quality of being efficient


the power or capacity to produce a desired result

Antonyms for efficiency

the ratio of the output to the input of any system

skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort

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In reality there are several circumstances which disturb these correlations: the registration efficiencies of the detectors are different because of different areas; there is an effect of reflection of UCN from materials which does not depend on the polarization of the neutrons and decreases the efficiency of the polarization analysis; and the analyzing power of the detector depends on the properties of the analyzing ferromagnetic foil.
Licht and his coworkers say that besides besting the solar-to-hydrogen conversion record, their work opens the way to efficiencies not considered possible before.
wet scrubbers and baghouses are the most commonly used devices for removing particulate from cupola exhaust gas, and typical efficiencies for removing particulates in baghouses exceeds 99%, with scrubbers and afterburners removing 95%;
The energy productivity of the economy has become somewhat better, due to the wakeup call of the energy price shocks and shortages of the '70s, which caused people to think about energy in their purchasing practices and design efficiencies.
Holmes, both at Cambridge and coauthors of the current report, and their colleagues first reported polymer electroluminescence, but with impractically low efficiencies.
Hotels are a market where advanced control systems and high unit efficiencies are of particular concern, as energy is reported to be the second highest overhead cost within the hotel industry.
Power amplifier efficiencies of at least 50% are essential to achieving these targets, and Nujira has a clear lead over other vendors in providing commercially-available solutions to address this urgent need.
NYSE Arca: RZ), an energy technology company that develops and licenses advanced electric motor, controller and related technologies, today announced performance test results of its Symetron(TM) FlexMod controller technology designed for reducing costs and improving efficiencies in a wide variety of variable speed industrial applications including heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
We are extremely pleased to award these organizations with a Select Practice designation and hope that the Select Practice reports will contribute to the nation's effort to improve efficiencies and ultimately, the quality of patient care.