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It remains, therefore, that if upon examination you find those new doctrines, which are now preached to us, better and more efficacious, we immediately receive them without delay.
Nicholas, after some opposition, at length consented, and, while some pretty severe bruises on his arms and shoulders were being rubbed with oil and vinegar, and various other efficacious remedies which Newman borrowed from the different lodgers, related in what manner they had been received.
You follow the world, my young friend, and I tremble lest grace prove not efficacious.
Yes, efficacious grace has touched you, as that gentleman said just now.
A patient who finds his disorder daily growing worse, and that an efficacious remedy can no longer be delayed without extreme danger, after coolly revolving his situation, and the characters of different physicians, selects and calls in such of them as he judges most capable of administering relief, and best entitled to his confidence.
And one of the most efficacious remedies that a prince can have against conspiracies is not to be hated and despised by the people, for he who conspires against a prince always expects to please them by his removal; but when the conspirator can only look forward to offending them, he will not have the courage to take such a course, for the difficulties that confront a conspirator are infinite.
Luke's where he had been a student, and had used all his life; he found them just as efficacious as anything that had come into fashion since.
Sabor proved unsavory eating even to Tarzan of the Apes, but hunger served as a most efficacious disguise to toughness and rank taste, and ere long, with well-filled stomach, the ape-man was ready to sleep again.
Blackhead disease (histomoniasis) currently has no efficacious drug approved for use in poultry in the United States.
According to the company, proof-of-principle data has demonstrated that BCX4430 is efficacious and well tolerated in a preclinical disease model for evaluating efficacy against yellow fever virus infection.
However, only a small portion of this literature represents empirical investigations of hypnotherapy as a form of efficacious therapy for PTSD and its implications.
The literature review attempted to answer the question: Is there sufficient evidence to conclude, based on the research reviewed, that CBT for children with ASD is an efficacious or probably efficacious treatment?
This approach to numerology is also efficacious with respect to animals as well.
Additionally, the company said it will request that the MHRA allow it to proceed to enroll patients in a proposed Phase IIb clinical trial to determine the minimum efficacious therapeutic dose for MCT-125.
In all, six out of the 18 interventions may be considered well supported and efficacious, three interventions were determined to be supported and probably efficacious, and nine were supported and acceptable.